Euro 2016: France Increasing Security Surrounding Stadiums

Euro 2016: France Increasing Security Surrounding Stadiums

The Euro 2016 championship in France has been viewed as a heightened security event ever since the Paris Attacks in November. Since then, other attacks around the world have created a reason for French officials to go on the defense when planning a comprehensive strategy to secure the city, stadiums and fan zones associated with the European soccer tournament.

Security Today has previously reported about the security effort surrounding the event, but as the matches get closer and the fans start to pour into the city, law enforcement officials are on high alert especially as the threats begin to plague the matches that start on Friday, June 10.

As of June 6, Ukraine’s intelligence agency SBU says it has thwarted a plot to attack the championship matches in France, according to ABC News.

The SBU statement gives insight into their precautions when arresting men deemed dangerous in these kinds of scenarios. The SBU followed a man, so far unnamed in the media, since December. They allowed him to buy several machine guns and two rocket propelled hand grenades before arresting him at the Ukrainian-Polish border last month.

The SBU said the man was driven by ultra-nationalist views and planned 15 attacks on bridges, railways and other places of infrastructure surrounding the Euro 2016.

As a result of the Ukrainians’ warning, Paris’ police say the level of security in the French capital has been further increased in order to protect potential soft targets during the tournament. They are predicting an extra 1,200 soldiers to be deployed in public spaces, transportation and landmarks across the city.  

Despite the fact that the opening of the Euro 2016 is just days away, Paris police officials are urging for more fluidity at stadium entrances and more surveillance of the over-crowded areas.

Because the tournament will stretch to be almost a month long, the security officials will have time to improve upon security procedures from match to match.

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