Plastic Surgeon Selects IDIS for Enhanced Security

John W. Antonetti, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon, and Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery have selected IDIS technology to provide an enhanced, state-of-the-art security experience for patients and staff.

IDIS worked with Alarm Integrations, a PSX Inc. security company, to develop and install a surveillance system to enhance staff safety and accountability, increase the practice’s already exceptional quality assurance, and further enhance the physical security of the practice’s patients. Recognizing Dr. Antonetti’s ever increasing status as a world-class plastic surgeon and in expectation that high demand for the quality of care he and the practice provide, IDIS and Alarm Integrations crafted a solution that is easy to maintain and easily scaled up for future expansions without difficulty, unexpected cost, or security disruptions.

“IDIS’s latest-generation solutions and forward-thinking approach aligned perfectly with Dr. Antonetti’s own reputation for modern, forward-thinking approaches to care,” noted Keith Drummond, Senior Director of Sales for IDIS America. “The selection of an IDIS security solution offers yet another differentiator for one of the Dallas-area’s most respected plastic surgery practices.”

Dr. Antonetti agreed, “Delivering the best in forward-thinking and intuitive care is central to our practice and we expect the same from those we work with. IDIS is the definition of a modern, next-generation security and surveillance company and has enhanced our safety and security as a result.”

With IDIS’s quick installation and seamless integration, the practice is already seeing benefits, including increased patient security and peace of mind, greater accountability and quality control in patient care, lower cost of ownership, and reduced requirements for system maintenance (and associated downtime).

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