Pokémon Go App Putting Android Phones at Risk

Pokémon Go App Putting Android Phones at Risk

The popular game is making Android phones vulnerable to cyber-attacks

According to reports, the popular Pokémon Go app has given way for malicious versions to install backdoors in Android phones, leaving users vulnerable to security issues.

An Android application file (APK) has been modified to give attackers full control over phones.  DroidJack is a remote access control tool that is being used.

Android’s open architecture, as well as the popularity of the game, has led to this vulnerability.

"Unfortunately, this is an extremely risky practice and can easily lead users to installing malicious apps on their own mobile devices," the security company said in its blog post. "Should an individual download an APK from a third party that has been infected with a backdoor, such as the one we discovered, their device would then be compromised."

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