Money Well Spent

Money Well Spent

“Money well spent,” is how Guy Grace, Director of Security and Emergency Planning at Littleton Public Schools (LPS) put it recently when his new security system caught images that helped crack a case for police.

LPS has been implementing new cameras and hybrid NVRs as they move toward their ambitious goal of creating a district-wide, comprehensive Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system. Upon completion, the new system will oversee and coordinate security for approximately 15,000 students and staff at LPS’ 28 school and administrative buildings.

“Our overall goal is pretty simple,” Grace said. “We must have quality technology delivering quality results, because we cannot have a successful educational experience without safety and security taken care of, and taken care of well.”

A fatal shooting at a district building, Arapahoe High School, expedited the process and 3XLOGIC was chosen to cater to the rushed need for a new security system. Together, they began installing new technology at the high school.

After the initial installation projects at Arapahoe, LPS adopted 3xLOGIC NVRs at other school locations.

“I was so frustrated with our DVRs that we’d been installing since the last bond issue approval,” Grace said. “At first, they were meeting our needs, they could handle the PTZ cameras and motion detection, but over time the supplier started eliminating basic functions we needed. It was making our jobs harder than they needed to be.”

As DVRs failed, they replaced them with hybrid NVRs. After another recent bond issue provided him with more money in the budget, Grace moved to convert nine more schools to PoE.

Now it seems the changes are really paying off. Recently, Grace was able to capture clear images of two former roofing contract employees at a LPS job site. The men were wearing work vests and acted as if they were on the job. The images were able to give police the evidence they needed to complete their case.

It is incidents like these that prove to Grace and LPS that they made the right decision when choosing their newest security system.

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