STOPware’s PassagePoint Global Integrates with Open Options’ DNA Fusion Software

STOPware has developed an integration with Open Options’ DNA Fusion™ access control software to provide end users with a comprehensive security solution for visitor management and access control.

This integration allows for quick and efficient management of visitors and temporary personnel. Upon visitor registration, PassagePoint Global communicates with the DNA Fusion software to activate the access number and enroll the visitor in the cardholder database. The access number gets printed as a barcode on the visitor badge to be read at a card reader. When the visitor signs out, the access number is deactivated for future use. PassagePoint Global can also link to the cardholder database for real-time lookups.

“We are always striving to ensure that PassagePoint Global complements our customers’ overall security management strategies,” said Debbie Pendleton, STOPware Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our partnership with Open Options further enhances the value of PassagePoint by allowing our current and future customers to seamlessly integrate their visitor access with DNA Fusion access control.”

DNA Fusion is the standard in open platform access control software. It’s designed using the very latest in software development technology and contains countless customer-centric features that provide an extremely user-friendly experience. A true proponent of open architecture, DNA Fusion has the capability to interface with leading technologies in the industry to develop a customized, best-of-breed security solution.

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