Cleveland, Chicago Increase Security for World Series

Cleveland, Chicago Increase Security for World Series

Many fans have waited for the Cubs and the Indians to meet in the 2016 World Series, so much so that tens of thousands of people are expected to be in Cleveland or Chicago during the games that will span over the next week. Both cities have laid out plans to keep security incidents at bay while fans enjoy the post season games.


The first three games of the World Series will be played at the Indians’ Progressive Field. Cleveland is no stranger to securing big events, as the city just hosted the Republican National Convention and the championship parade for the Cavaliers, the 2016 NBA Finals victors.

The city said they learned a lot by hosting those two events, and believe the World Series will be a similar event to secure.

The city has placed parking bans on several designated areas to keep the disturbance of traffic to a minimum. Road closures and barriers have been implemented around the stadium to keep vehicle incidents to a minimum. They have also placed an increased amount of officers on the streets to keep crowds moving, as stagnant groups can become troublesome.  

Police urge fans to report any suspicious activity as well as arrive early to the game to avoid missing any of the action.


Wrigley Stadium hasn’t seen a World Series game in 71 years, needless to say the fans will show up for the three games scheduled to be played in Chicago on Oct. 28, 29 and 30th. To prepare for the enormous event, the city of Chicago has implemented a security strategy to keep those fans safe.

Metal barriers were already seen as of Oct. 26 on the streets around Wrigley Field. Police say that road closures will shut down an area around the field in order to ease congestion about two hours prior to the games. Officials urge fans not to drive into the area near game time.

Additional law enforcement are scheduled to be on the streets, some visible and some in plain clothes. The Office of Emergency Management won’t specifically say how many officers they plan to place near the stadium, but there will be police, undercover officers and CPD’s mounted patrol in the area.

Security will also be added inside some of Chicago’s famed sports bars that are able to hold up to 800 people.

"Celebrate, but do it safely. Be mindful that there are children out there that are watching you, so let's be role models. Celebrate, get it in, but get it in respectfully," said Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson.


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