2 Arrested for Bringing Guns to Disney World

2 Arrested for Bringing Guns to Disney World

Authorities in Florida say two guests were arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon on Walt Disney World’s property.

Orange County Police officers say 61-year-old Michael Langston of Louisiana was arrested after he was randomly selected to go through a metal detector screening at the park’s Epcot center around 9:55 a.m. It was then that he showed officers the gun that he had with him.

The deputy that arrested Langston said in a report that he had no intention of declaring his firearm to authorities and would have entered the theme park with a loaded gun had he not been selected for the metal detector.

A few hours later, 23-year-old Baleigh Turner from Alabama was arrested at Animal Kingdom after authorities found a handgun in her backpack. Neither Turner nor Langston had a permit for the weapons they were carrying.

It is unknown if the two know each other or if the incidents are related.

Disney bans guns on their properties and even guests with weapons permits can face trespassing charges.

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