Always Connected, Always Protecting

Always Connected, Always Protecting

Today’s technology provides security at the fingertips

In today’s world, businesses and organizations require a multitude of security solutions at their fingertips to adequately help protect their customers, employees and facilities from harm. The always-on, always- connected nature of our workforce calls for managers to have oversight and control over the security systems in place 24/7. These technologies include intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance, and can expand to encompass much more.


Implementing these systems is just the first step on the journey towards a streamlined security operation. The real challenge comes in managing these separate components simultaneously. Operating a range of security systems can’t be done in a vacuum; without a wide view of the technologies in place, busy managers don’t have the bandwidth to ensure facilities are secure and operating at top efficiency.

This introduces a need for a packaged security solution that combines insights into various security products and allows managers to easily access it with a unified user interface. Offerings of this kind currently on the market enable business owners and security managers to remotely manage more than 20 security tasks in real time, from anywhere with an Internet connected device. These integrated security solutions, including real-time alerts, remote arm/disarm capabilities, access management and live video look-in, can provide new ways to help improve workplace safety, security and business operations. Some solutions even allow for multiple users with the same or varied views, privileges or access rights, in one or multiple locations.

Mid-sized businesses are a particularly relevant customer base for an integrated solution, since their smaller management teams may have a wider range of responsibilities and could benefit from an all-in-one platform for managing various systems. Additionally, comprehensive solutions are built to scale to larger environments as the business and operation grows, allowing for the quick expansion that growing businesses often require. Convenience and efficiency are two of the main drivers for managers to adopt a solution that encompasses multiple security tasks.


The benefits of a total package solution go beyond ease of management, as organizations can save time and money on system maintenance and concentrate their efforts on core business functions. Utilizing one application to implement and operate multiple components of a security system can help users avoid spending time and resources contacting multiple providers for questions, software upgrades, service and administration. Additionally, these kinds of solutions can be supported by one server and one manufacturer to ensure consistent upgrades and integration, requiring fewer resources when updates become available.

Dealers and integrators also greatly benefit by packaged solutions, which can manage multiple security systems. Such offerings are typically designed to be integrated out-of-the-box and with minimal effort. Just as business owners and managers are saved time and resources by requiring less contact with numerous providers, those providers are able to regain some time to focus on additional customers. This can help improve business overall for those providers as well; rather than spending a large amount of time working with one customer to address issues and updates, they are able to work with numerous customers for smaller amounts of time, increasing their profitability.

There are three common security systems that may be included in a packaged security solution: video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection. Understanding how each of these systems can work together to benefit a business provides a strong argument for the usefulness of a unified interface that can simplify and streamline even the most complex security procedures and environments. It should come as no surprise that video surveillance is a foundational security tool to deter theft and optimize business operations.

Video surveillance devices capture activities taking place inside businesses, providing insights to business owners and managers to improve training and customer service. They can also help identify parties involved and actions taken in the review of a crime and provide concrete evidence for liability claims, such as slips and falls. Scalability and remote management capabilities are crucial to the effectiveness of video surveillance and can be provided in a unified packaged solution that is accessible from Internet connected devices. Some solutions even provide the ability to connect to and control more than 15 Internet protocol (IP) or analog cameras. Monitoring and playback at anytime from anywhere is a noteworthy feature that business owners should seek in video surveillance systems that are part of an integrated security solution.


Access control is another essential technology for businesses, which can best be utilized through a mobile and connected application. Intended to restrict people from the areas of a business that they are not meant to be in, access control solutions can regulate and track access for employees and visitors on a daily basis. Managers are able to help prevent members of staff, cleaning crew, or visitors from rooms that store sensitive information or other areas that are off-limits. Additionally, access control technology can define access privileges to help prevent disgruntled former or terminated employees from entering a business without permission. If a critical area has been penetrated, access control systems that are integrated with a packaged security solution can provide date and time stamps showing when the event occurred – helpful for use in tandem with video playbacks. With certain applications, business owners can use access control to view interactive floor plans and arm and disarm systems, as well as scale the system for multisite locations.

Last, but certainly not least, intrusion detection (or burglar detection) provides a much-needed alert in the event that an intruder is able to gain access to the facility. The ability to control a business’ alarm system remotely from a virtual keypad in a unified mobile application can help provide the peace of mind that business owners and managers need while they’re away from the office. With the technology available on the market today, businesses can help protect more than 60 zones and enjoy scalability for even greater expansion capabilities. Intrusion detection systems that are managed through a packaged application can also share alarm events to help keep managers up-to-date on the status of their facility at any point in the day.

With a security solution that brings together all the benefits of video surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection systems, businesses would have the ability to be better positioned to handle any type of challenge that they may encounter. Mobility and simplicity are key attributes for business owners and managers to look for when considering packaged security solutions.

A unified mobile application can exhibit these features by increasing the ease of implementation and regular use while enabling on-the-go management. Benefits of such solutions extend beyond the system managers to dealers and integrators, who from such solutions may be able to reduce time spent correcting problems and updating systems and increase time addressing a wider range of customers. Comprehensive packaged security solutions can both help increase operational efficiency for businesses while helping to provide additional protection.

This article originally appeared in the November 2016 issue of Security Today.


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