Securing Trump Tower

Securing Trump Tower

In the past, the President-elect lives in his home until it is time for him to take up residence on Pennsylvania Avenue. These somewhat normal residences usually pose security challenges as they are not as secure as the White House, but working together with the local police, the Secret Service is able to pull it off.

This year is a little different as President-elect Donald Trump lives in the penthouse suite of Trump Tower that sits in the middle of New York City.

The building is home not only to Trump and his family but also to offices and other residence suites. It suits between a Gucci and Tiffany & Co. on a block filled with taxi cabs, busses, tourists and fast-walking New Yorkers.

The security challenges are obvious.

While the Secret Service can’t rope off the entirety of Fifth Avenue like they did for the entire Clinton residence, they have partnered with the NYPD to create some more permanent security measures to ensure Trump and his family are out of harm’s way.

Many have noted the mobile command post that has been installed outside of the Trump Tower as well as the cement barricades that line the street leading up to the building. Metal fencing has gone up to direct traffic away from the building, as well.

The NYPD said they’d be assisting the Secret Service with security measures by guarding vehicle and pedestrian traffic near the building. They’ll most likely have uniformed officers posted at several places on the block until Trump transitions into the White House.  

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