Knife Attack at Chinese Kindergarten Leaves 11 Injured

Knife Attack at Chinese Kindergarten Leaves 11 Injured

A man with a knife climbed over the wall of a kindergarten in China and attacked 11 students, according to local media sources.

None of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries, and the suspect has been arrested.

Police are investigating what the motive is behind the attack and have released very little information about the 41-year-old attacker.

Knife attacks in China are surprisingly common due to the country’s strict laws on weapons. Last year, a man in southern China stabbed 10 children before killing himself and before that, in 2010, there was a three day period of time where knife-wielding attackers targeted schools.

Due to these events, Chinese authorities have long been asking schools to beef up security. Schools are under strict instruction to bar strangers from campuses and for no reason are they allowed into the buildings. In Bejing, police distributed long poles with prongs on the end to security guards to keep attackers at bay.

China also began requiring people to register with the government when buying large knives.

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