Tight Security Surrounding GOP Retreat in Philly

Tight Security Surrounding GOP Retreat in Philly

Philadelphia is beefing up security for President Trump’s arrival at the GOP Retreat, the Republican’s annual policy event.

The Secret Service has created a perimeter around Loews Hotel in Center City, where the event is to take place, as the city gears up for a permitted demonstration that is expected to draw nearly 3,000 people in protest.  

On Wednesday January 25, there were several security sweeps through the hotel to ensure that there were no threats to the President, Vice President and more law makers that are expected to be at the retreat.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross says the city is working with state and federal authorities over the days of the retreat to ensure they have all resources available to them while the policy talks are on-going.

Ross predicts that the most police presence will surround the President’s visit and also near larger demonstrations that threaten to become violent. Some protest groups have touched base with the police.

"We have been in communication with one group. They've indicated they're going to be peaceful, probably at least a couple thousand people in one. The second one, we're not sure about, so we'll have to wait and see," Ross said.

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