Homemade Explosive Thrown Inside California Restaurant

Homemade Explosive Thrown Inside California Restaurant

California law enforcement is looking for a man who threw a homemade explosive into a crowded Cheesecake Factory on Thursday night.

Patrons fled the restaurant leaving unfinished plates, belongings and even a stroller behind after the suspect walked up to the front door of the establishment, lit the fuse on the explosive and then threw it inside the building.

Police say the diners are extremely lucky that no one was occupying the table where the explosive landed, or there would have been injuries associated with the event.

Police were able to give a brief description of the suspect, a man they believed to be about six feet tall who was wearing black clothes and a beanie at the time of the incident. He fled southbound on Fair Oaks Avenue after tossing the explosive.

A spokeswoman for the Cheesecake Factory, Alethea Rowe, gave the following statement to a local news station.

"This evening, an incendiary device exploded within our Pasadena restaurant. Thankfully, none of our guests or staff was injured. Law enforcement is actively investigating the incident, and we hope to reopen in Pasadena on Friday, as usual,” the statement said.

Police do not have a motive for the incident, but are glad no one was injured.

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