Lawmaker Calls for Annual School Security Drills

Lawmaker Calls for Annual School Security Drills

Unfortunately, it is hard to go a full school year without hearing of at least one violent crime on a school’s campus. That’s why Pennsylvania Rep. Gary Day is sponsoring legislation requiring school districts to conduct an annual school security drill in every public school that would arm students and teachers with information about what to do in an emergency situation.

The drills are intended to serve as a reminder about what to do in a situation that goes beyond a fire drill or natural disaster and includes information for events such as a terrorist act, an armed intruder or some other violent threat.

The legislation would replace a current mandate on public schools to conduct monthly fire drills though some schools and districts do not conduct them that frequently. Day says some schools already conduct security drills, so it wouldn’t pose an additional burden on them. He does want to ensure, however, that it is done in every building – elementary, middle and high schools.

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