Sielox Offers New Lock Toggle for 1700 Intelligent Controller

Sielox LLC is proud to announce a new Lock Toggle feature will be available with the company's 1700 Intelligent Controller which fully integrates with Schlage AD, NDE and LE wireless locks. Designed with easy and advanced functionality in mind, the Lock Toggle allows users to lock and unlock doors without a second credential to override pre-set schedules.


“This new feature is another innovative solution combining Sielox core products and our OEM Partner Allegion,” said Karen Evans, President & CEO of Sielox LLC.


“For example at a school, internal classroom doors are scheduled to be unlocked from 7:00am to 3:00pm. However, if a teacher wishes to leave the building for lunch and wants to lock his or her individual classroom, typically the access control operator would need to be notified to manually override the setting, or a second credential would need to be presented to lock and unlock the door.”


Ms. Evans continued, “With Sielox Lock Toggle, the teacher simply presents their credential to the reader, and within five seconds the teacher turns the inside handle twice. The door is now locked. Upon return the teacher presents the card and again turns the inside handle twice. The door is now unlocked and back on schedule.”


Standard standalone wireless locks would require a user to carry another toggle credential, and double present a card or double-swipe to lock or unlock the door.

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