Check out These ISC West Education Sessions

Each year, ISC West offers some amazing sessions for attendees. There are almost 100 to choose from, so there is bound to be more than a few you'd want to check out. Plus, it's a great way to hear about new technologies, network and build some rewarding work relationships.

ISC West sessions are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


There are 21 sessions available on Tuesday, kicking off with workshops at 8am sharp. Most of these are located on the lower level of the Sands and last about an hour each. Topics range from cybersecurity, active shooter, sales management, robotics and more. One session I found particularly interesting is: Hands-on Workshop: Creating Intelligent Physical Security Products Using AI and Deep Learning. It sounds really interesting! The last session is from 4-5pm, leaving attendees with lots to talk about at dinner.


There are 36 seesions offered on the second day, beginning at 7:30am. Some of the topics are hacker drones, cybercrime, threat detection and response, smart home technologies for business, critical infrastructure, IoT, and many more.


This is the final day of sessions, with 40 different programs to choose from. There are a lot of demonstrations such as one provided by Knightscope. At this session you can see the latest unmanned vehicles that are available from manufacturers and suppliers. There's a large, netted flight area in the main expo hall just for these vehicles. I know I'll be trying to check this out while I'm there.

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Lindsay Page is the editor for Campus Security & Life Safety magazine, and the senior editor for Security Today.

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