Nightclub Shooting in Cincinnati Leaves 1 Dead, 15 Injured

Nightclub Shooting in Cincinnati Leaves 1 Dead, 15 Injured

Sixteen people were injured when one or more shooters open-fired inside a crowded night club in Cincinnati, Ohio early Sunday morning. One of those injured died.

Police say that despite the four off-duty officers in the parking lot of Cameo Night Club and the electronic wands used to detect weapons, some were still able to get inside the busy night club with their firearms.

According the local law enforcement, the shooter or shooters either got into an argument with another group inside or went into the club with the intention of clearing up an incident from earlier in the day. It was then that they believe multiple shooters began to open fire into the crowd of nearly 100 people inside the night club. Witnesses say they heard about 20 gunshots.

Some witnesses told local reporters that they could hear security being called just minutes before the shooting took place.

While police do not have a concrete motive for the shooting, they did say they would not be investigating the incident as an act of terrorism.

Those who were injured in the shooting had gunshot wounds and many remained in the hospital as of Monday morning. Police identified the deceased person as O’Bryan Spikes, 27.

The incident is the worst mass shooting (for total number of victims) so far in 2017, according to There have been 71 in the US this year.

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