Clay Locking Platform is the Smarter Way to Open Doors. From Wherever You Are.

Clay Solutions B.V. has announced the release of Clay Locking Platform – the only API that makes it possible to integrate cloud-based access control to existing businesses and product portfolios. Clay Solutions will showcase the Clay Locking Platform at Booth 26130 at the annual ISC West security conference in Las Vegas, April 4-6.

In 2012, Clay Solutions partnered with leading global electronic access control manufacturer SALTO Systems to create the ultimate smart-locking product: Clay by SALTO. In January 2017, SALTO rebranded its version of the product under the name SALTO KS – Keys as a Service, while Clay Solutions simultaneously launched the Clay Locking Platform for enterprise businesses around the world. Clay's partnership with SALTO continues; with SALTO's global support and sales channels, Clay locks can go on any door in the world.

“The primary goal of Clay has always been to replace mechanical keys and enable smarter cloud-based access from anywhere – for any business and any door in the world,” said Rick Voogt, Co-Founder and CEO of Clay Solutions. “The Clay Locking Platform is not just another keyless entry provider. Using Clay’s technology, businesses can now leverage their brand to pass along the convenience of wireless access control and smart locks to their customers.”

Access management has been a challenge for many businesses, and it is also very different for every business; whether it is a co-working space, a retail brand with multiple locations, or a delivery service company. Businesses from different verticals can benefit from Clay’s smart-lock offering, access control expertise, proven technologies, global support, and installation network without becoming a manufacturer or making extensive investments.

“Today, smart-lock technology is available mainly for residential use and has included primarily ‘so called’ deadbolt locks,” said Voogt. “While these products have only been sold in the U.S., or in certain Asian markets, there is a great opportunity to tailor smart-lock offerings for businesses and with a global scope. Accomplishing this, however, requires a robust API platform which is exactly what the Clay Locking Platform offers.”

Research firm Gartner estimates there were 6.4 billion IoT devices in use in 2016, and by 2020 that number is expected to grow to 21 billion. Clay Solutions has been working on its Clay Locking Platform for almost a year and today industry leaders from different business verticals reap the benefits of the only white label smart lock technology on the market. The pitch? Clay Locking Platform is the only solution available for virtually any type of door in the world. Through their own app integrated with Clay Locking Platform, businesses can easily allow their customers to manage access on-the-go, create profiles for different users, define and track who goes when and where, and much more. The Clay Locking Platform provides an easy wireless cloud-based locking solution thanks to the combination of Clay IQ, Clay tags, Clay locks, and a sophisticated backend environment.

“Clay Solutions is going after the B2B market and has already found great success in collaborating with industry leaders such as Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions,” said Voogt. “Clay’s access management solution will roll out in Regus’s business centers all around the word. All Regus entrance, office, and meeting room doors will be accessible by customers via Regus’s app built with the Clay Locking Platform.”

In addition to several other high profile partnerships, Clay Solutions has also integrated the Clay Locking Platform with Prosegur, a global security services and alarm company that focuses on technological innovation and integration.

Clay Solutions brings leading expertise and understanding of access control business logic and smart lock technology to advise throughout the development of new wireless access control applications for businesses. As Clay releases new features, the Clay Locking Platform expands so businesses can offer more features and convenience to their customers. To learn more about Clay Solutions and the Clay Locking Platform, visit the redesigned website:

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