Brian Carle, Director of Product Strategy publishes eBook: Understanding Video Management Systems

The goal of this book is to provide an in-depth analysis of technology concepts pertaining to Video Management Software platforms.

The goal of the book, Understanding Video Management Systems: Video Security Recording Technology and Design Essentials by Brian Carle, Director of Product Strategy at Salient Systems, is to provide an in-depth analysis of technology concepts pertaining to Video Management Software platforms. VMS software is at the technology center of video surveillance deployments, so understanding the underlying concepts described in this book is critical when researching, designing, and selecting the appropriate platform to meet your needs.

The eBook is comprised of 9 chapters. Chapter 1 will provide an introduction to video security recording technologies as well as an overview of common features and purchasing considerations. The complete edition will go on to cover topics including VMS architectures, hardware platforms, integration with related security technologies, cost and licensing considerations, security, compression and bandwidth saving technologies, as well as fault tolerance. Click here to get your copy of chapter 1.

“The Understanding Video Management Systems series is targeted for the video surveillance system designer and consumer. Understanding the underlying technology concepts related to VMS platforms is critical for designing a system that best fits an organization’s requirements for their video security deployment,” says Carle.

Ralph Jensen, Editor of Security Today adds, “VMS has taken the place of the Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder in what is now known as our ‘digital world’. The security industry depends upon this software to move images with ease, from the camera where the image is captured, to the central station or storage file, where the image is viewed or stored for later reference. The information available in this book will prove invaluable to industry experts, users, integrators and those entering this space.”

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