Layers of Security

Layers of Security

The Transportation Security Administration released a video on their YouTube channel explaining the layers of security that go into protecting an airport.

The Transportation Security Administration has released a three minute video detailing the layers of security needed to protect travelers from terror attacks, hijackings and other mid-air mayhem associated with security.

The video promotes TSA’s “20 integrated components” that work together to keep travelers safe, an unusual move for an agency that tends to keep its inner workings a secret.

The video explains that there are “seen and unseen” security measures being used on a daily basis to ensure the safety of travelers. From intelligence and various law enforcement personnel to crew vetting and behavior detection, the TSA says the agency works like a “a very complex combination safe designed to keep our adversaries at bay and our transportation systems safe.”

While the so-called laying of security is not new – the agency has been using this approach for nearly ten years – discussing it in full detail is new. It seems the agency wants the public to see the long and impressive list that includes a lot of deep, highly scientific work happening behind the scenes. The thought is that maybe this will help to deter crime by making it look impossible.


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