IC Realtime to Unveil its Next Generation Products at CEDIA Expo

At the 2017 CEDIA Expo, IC Realtime will unveil new Thermal Imaging, Corrosion Resistant, Multi-Sensor and 4K cameras.

IC Realtime will be flexing its muscles at the 2017 CEDIA Expo (booth #1925). There, the company will be highlighting its more advanced, next generation Thermal Imaging, Corrosion Resistant, Multi-Sensor and 4K cameras, and demonstrating its ICMyCloud cameras streaming to Amazon Echo Show.

Thermal Imaging
Leveraging its background in serving the government with highly-sophisticated military-grade gear, IC Realtime has created a new line of Thermal Imaging IP-based cameras that incorporate onboard analytics, fire detection and auto tracking. The cameras are available in traditional and pan/tilt/zoom varieties.

Marine-Grade, Corrosion-Resistant Cameras
The next generation of IC Realtime corrosion-resistant cameras integrate Starlight image sensors, which grant users the highest-levels of image sharpness and low-light performance. More models and options are offered over the previous line. This includes multiple bullet and dome styles with a variety of lens options to accommodate different installation requirements. 

Multi-Sensor Cameras
IC Realtime has developed a 6-Megapixel 180-degree IP based I-Sniper bullet and a 360-degree 8-Megapixel IP camera with an integrated auto-tracking 36X PTZ. The cameras provide superior video performance over a wide surveillance area where traditionally several point-and-shoot cameras would be required to catch multiple perspectives. 

4K Cameras

IC Realtime has developed eight all-new 4K cameras. At the top of the series are a pair of dome and bullet cameras with resolution up to 12MP, notably higher than 4K resolution.  All support the 4K (8MP) resolution standard at anywhere from 15 to 30 FPS (frames per second), depending on the model of the camera. A PTZ version is also available, granting users stunning clarity and resolution even with long-range zoom lens configurations.

ICMyCloud Cameras Stream to Amazon Echo Show
IC Realtime is the only professional surveillance company to integrate with Amazon Echo Show.  Compatible models include the brand’s suite of ‘ICIP’ series IP cameras (68 models in total) as well as dozens of its Standard- and High-Definition cameras. The streaming takes place via IC Realtime’s ICMyCloud storage service.

Spanning the highest-caliber video surveillance options ever to reach the CEDIA channel, to having the first PROFESSIONAL video surveillance cameras to integrate with the Do-it-Yourself Amazon Echo Show, IC Realtime further cements its position as the #1 video surveillance brand in the channel, and for years to come,” IC Realtime CEO Matt Sailor said. 
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