Views from ISC West Day 2

Another day of ISC West and another 15,000 steps down! The second day of ISC West brought some great conversations, plenty of product demos and a lot of happy hours!

My favorite thing about ISC West is the amazing conversations that you get to have face-to-face with company representatives. There is always something new to be learned and, more often than not, a great person to connect with on a personal level. This kind of personal connection is what makes the security industry thrive. It drives partnerships and integrations and works to create a more wholesome approach to security for a client.

At the show today, I got to see some great products, partnerships and integrations at booths around the expo floor. Here’s a little bit of what I saw.

Salient Systems, Booth 28073
In Salient Systems’ booth this year, they are exhibiting Turing Video’s intelligent security robot, Nimbo. Nimbo is designed to detect security violations or anomalies and approach the area with light/audio/video warnings that correspond to the situation. It collects HD video evidence and pushes notifications to security personnel, including live video streaming to mobile devices. Nimbo’s video is powered by Salient’s CompleteView VMS. CompleteView’s Dynamic Resolution Scaling allows faster remote callup of live video streams, enabling users to observe and respond to the security situation in real-time.

Open Options, Booth 3031
Open Options has some great partnerships, including a 20-year partnership with Mercury Security who just released new Series 3 SIO modules and Mercury red panels that integrate with Open Option’s DNA Fusion platform to create a innovative security solution for both their clients. Open Options is inviting ISC West attendees to learn about the latest features in the DNA Fusion platform, including FlexAPI, Open Options’ application programming interface, OpenDX database exchange software, and DNA Fusion’s Mobile and Web applications.

Louroe Electronics, Booth 8038
Louroe definitely has some great new stuff coming out including the Digifact A. Designed to be more than just a microphone, the Digifact A utilizes state of the art IP audio technology with an onboard processor to deliver unrivaled capabilities. Addressing the needs of today's networked and IP security solutions, the new smart IP microphone features a robust quad-core processor that has the capability of integrating user and project specific customizations, enhancements and applications. When used with audio analytics, the Digifact A can automatically detect verbal aggression, car alarms, glass break and gunshots.

Razberi Technologies, Booth 9077
Razberi is all about cybersecurity at ISC West, their bigger and better booth mirrors their passion for creating solutions that are flexible for the end user, but also work to harden their systems against cyber attacks. In a video on Security Today’s Twitter, Razberi explained how they took their all-in-one solution and broke it into separate products (Razberi Core and Razberi Endpoint Defender) so that end users and pick and choose what works best for their set-ups. Razberi truly gets the idea of hardening suveillance systems, a topic that most companies are still trying to understand.

Aiphone Corporation, Booth 17101
Aiphone has upped the ante at ISC West this year with a redesigned booth and website. In addition to the look, the company has improved upon traditional products like their emergency towers by adding in a rear access panel and UL listed box for convenient and easy wiring. Security Today highlighted this feature in a video on Twitter. The built-in UL Listed electrical boxes to easily satisfy local electrical codes and integrated mounting hardware for power supplies or accessories.

FLIR Systems, Booth 18059
FLIR knows all about putting different products together to make one wholistic solutions. In a video on Security Today’s Twitter, FLIR explained how their suite of cameras and sensors can help customers identify and track objects using their analytics software. For the video, the FLIR team used a spot in Vancouver where their solutions were implemented. The system was able to help instantaneously detect boats and barges in a harbor based on the sensors in certain areas. Check out the video to learn more, it really is a neat example of an awesome integration.

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