Phillies Build Security Perimeter Around Citizens Bank Park

Phillies Plan for Security Perimeter Around Citizens Bank Park

The Philadelphia Phillies are improving security around Citizen Bank Park with perimeter protection devices.

The Philadelphia Phillies are moving towards a more secure perimeter around Citizen Bank Park. The upgrades to the perimeter of the ballpark include install bollards and removable barricades and are being used to preempt potential terrorist attacks.

A City Council bill authorizing the plan is now under construction and would allow the Phillies to construct the perimeter in time of the start of the 2019 season.

The need for perimeter security was identified as a response to the vehicle attacks that have occurred in other crowded destinations around the work. Just last month 10 people were killed and 15 more were injured when a van jumped the curb on a busy Toronto street and drove into pedestrians.

A defensive perimeter at the ballpark, set 18 inches from the curbside, would effectively wall off any vehicles from the busy foot traffic.

The new security measures come just a few years after the Phillies installed metal detectors at Citizens Bank Park as part of the MLB-mandated pilot program aimed at preventing future terrorist attacks.

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Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety.

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