Going Global

Going Global

Google requires a seamless visitor management solution

The new and growing interest in the technology sector has given rise to a new phenomenon known as “Tech tourism,” whereby tech companies have seen ever increasing numbers of visitors being attracted to their sites as tech enthusiasts undertake a kind of digital pilgrimage.

As the world’s leading Tech organization, Google has experienced a surge in visitor interest attracting thousands of visitors to its facility sites around the globe each year.

As a result, Google required a seamless visitor management solution that could effectively facilitate such high volumes of global visitors annually. Security for both visitors and employees was also an important consideration with the visitor management system requiring the ability for security and staff to quickly distinguish temporary visitors to the site and who is responsible for the guest during their visit. Due to the sheer numbers visiting Google sites, a solution was required that could reduce administrative burden allowing for front of house to have a more productive day overall.

Further to reducing administrative burden, Google sought to transfer ownership of visitors from front of house to individual hosts to facilitate monitoring and review of visitor activity.

Working in tandem with Google, Time Data Security Ltd., helped create a visitor management system that would not only offer a scalable solution to overall visitor management but also allow for full integration into Google’s current access control and internal systems, providing a safe and secure environment for staff and on-site staff.

A user-centric software organization, the visitor project was underpinned with one of Google’s core principals “focus on the user and all else will follow.” With this in mind, TDS enlisted a hardware design company, Evoke, to design and build the TDS Visitor Kiosk. A visitor kiosk designed to provide a straightforward and efficient user experience, requiring minimal on-site maintenance which would seamlessly integrate with Google’s famously tech-led office environments around the world.

The pioneering visitor management solution incorporates the ability for visitors to self-register and sign-in, take a picture, and agree to the company’s NDA. This desktop, wall mounted or free standing unit can also scan QR codes and barcode ID for rapid onsite/ off-site confirmation. The self-contained kiosk will automatically alert the host of their guest’s arrival, reducing waiting time at reception desks and facilitating the management of visitor lists. A visitor pass is printed directly by the kiosk upon visitor collection by the host. A comprehensive reporting tool allows for added security and visitor monitoring.

In addition to the development of the Visitor Kiosk, TDS also developed additional event functionality ‘PiGate’, a small piece of hardware that allows guests to use the QR code printed on their visitor badge to enter pre-selected doors and turnstiles.

To date, five million visitors have checked in to Google offices globally using 277 kiosks in 225 cities in 52 countries. Customers, visitors and staff use TDS Visitor with ease, the only maintenance required is the occasional change of printer roll. The end user has enjoyed an enhanced, feature-rich visitor experience and increased operational efficiency, but the overarching success has been the seamless global integration.

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2018 issue of Security Today.

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