Airports Increase Security for 9/11 Anniversary

Airports Increase Security for 9/11 Anniversary

Florida officials are boosting security at and around airports for the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

There will be a larger than usual law enforcement presence this week at airports, including Florida's Miami International Airport. The increased security coincides with the 17th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Police in Florida have told travelers that the increase in security is our of an abundance of caution and not due to any specific, credible threat to the airport.

The increased security could mean a busy checkpoint and slower entry for passengers as airport officials confirm their law enforcement partners such as the Miami-Dade Police Department, Florida Highway Patrol and the Transportation Security Administration, are running the checkpoints.

Security has also been heightened at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, where a man open fired in baggage claim and killed five people.

Travelers at Florida airports have told local news stations they have driven through enhanced vehicle security as well as extra screenings to get into the secure gates.

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