Technology Where Worry Free High Performance Video Surveillance Begins

Technology Where Worry Free High Performance Video Surveillance Begins

Eliminating risk and worry in Video Surveillance starts with factoring in origin, reliability, ease-of-use and installation, warranties, interoperability, and forward/backward compatibility

The peace of mind that comes with the IDIS Total Solution begins in Seoul, Korea. IDIS’s ground-breaking DirectIP™ technology is at the heart of the IDIS Total Solution for video surveillance. From capture, through recording, and on to display, DirectIP™ cameras, recorders, and monitors (as well as switches, accessories, feature sets, and software) are designed, developed, and manufactured in Korea, where the company was founded and is headquartered. This allows partners and customers to know their IDIS and DirectIP™ video surveillance technology is not dependent on Chinese sourcing or manufacturing, eliminating emerging security concerns and immunizing IDIS users from uncertainties related to pricing, supply, and longterm maintenance and support related to current trade tensions (and tariff impact) and a predicted expansion of existing U.S. government bans on Chinese surveillance technology manufacturers.

Additionally, IDIS’s full control of their product development and manufacturing lifecycle (while maintaining ONVIF compatibility and robust integrations) means they can guarantee quality control, interoperability, and forward/backward compatibility (as long as 7 years in either direction) like no other surveillance manufacturer today. This allows IDIS to provide unparalleled customer support (with a dedicated support center near Dallas, Texas for North American partners and customers), and some of the longest warranties in the industry (including the industry’s longest NVR guarantee). With DirectIP’s award-winning plug-and-play installation, ease of use (including SmartUX controls, named a Security Products “New Product of the Year” when they debuted for the way they revolutionized PTZ operator experience and effectiveness), dozens of headaches and risks related to the installation, use, training, and maintenance of your video surveillance systems simply disappear. Did we mention this is all at a lower total cost of ownership than found with comparable systems?

Learn more about the IDIS Smart Factory, Ultimate Warranty, and eLearning for partners and end-users, below.

IDIS Smart Factory

In 2018, IDIS was honored with a presidential citation in the 42nd National Productivity Competition, sponsored by the South Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, for the company’s custom designed IDIS Smart Factory. The IDIS Smart Factory assembles the varied components of the IDIS Total Solution, operating with a “smart” flexible production system, utilizing big data to modularize and refine production processes to ideally meet the company’s requirements at any given time. Each process in the IDIS Smart Factory is computerized—from material warehousing to management, production, function tests and even packaging—resulting in increased productivity. In addition, real-time production planning, cause-of-defect analysis, and tracking are achieved through the analysis of process histories.

From the first step, barcodes enhance tracking and control, supporting alarms to ensure assembly proceeds according to strict standards. The automation and tracking further enhance calibration and testing as products move through the manufacturing cycle, while related processes enable close watch and intervention by IDIS employees when required. With the computerization of the automatic processes in the IDIS Smart Factory, if a certain product is missing materials or doesn’t pass a functionality test, it does not proceed to the next stage. This blocks any possible defects and enhances both productivity and customer satisfaction by improving the speed, quality, and consistency of the IDIS offering.

IDIS Ultimate Warranty

The IDIS Ultimate Warranty—which covers H.265 DirectIP NVRs, DirectCX multi-format TVRs, and all IP cameras—lengthens the standard warranty period by two years. This brings the warranty for IDIS's H.265 NVRs and multi-format HD-TVI IDIS DirectCX TVRs to an industry-leading seven years. (IDIS IP cameras eligible for the two-year extension will benefit from extended warranties of five years.) The IDIS Ultimate Warranty offers integrators and installers competitive advantages and delivers increased peace of mind and lower cost of ownership to end users. In order to receive the free extended warranty, contact your integrator, distribution partner, or local IDIS office to apply for the additional two-year warranty.

IDIS E-Learning Tools

IDIS provides flexible, in-depth training support for its partners through a suite of online learning tools. Three new e-learning modules, covering DirectIP® solutions, DirectCX® and the IDIS Center video management software (VMS), have been designed specifically for engineers, project managers, and technical consultants. These intuitive, flexible e-learning courses can be taken at the time and place that suits each individual learner.

The courses include training videos, reviews of equipment operation manuals and assessment sections designed to test and confirm understanding. Users can access the new courses through the IDIS website,, with a username and password provided by IDIS.

From the training area dashboard, users can see at-a-glance, which courses have been started and completed. They can also keep up to date with the latest information about forthcoming training resources, including webinars and live training events. After completing each course and passing the certification exam with a minimum score of 75%, all trainees receive an online certificate.

Learn more about the IDIS Total Solution, an end-to-end solution able to meet any surveillance need no matter the size of complexity.


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