Alula Introduces Pre-Enrolled Connect+ Kits to Offer Streamlined, All-in-One Solution

Alula has started shipping pre-enrolled Connect+ Kits. These kits come with the Slimline Touchpad and four sensors pre-enrolled to the network so they are ready to go right out of the box for the most efficient possible installation.

Alula is able to offer this unique service in the industry because the company provides both the hardware and the interactive services for an all-in-one solution. Most other hardware manufacturers rely on a third-party company to provide interactive and network services, creating a bottleneck during the installation process that adds to time on-site for the professional installer.

“The Connect+ Kits take the guesswork out of what tools and materials need to be brought to the job site,” says Dave Mayne, Alula’s vice president of products. “Our approach to pre-enroll the system delivers a faster installation for Security Pros. We want our security partners to spend more time building new business, and less time on labor.”

The loaded Connect+ Kits ship out pre-enrolled, installing faster than any other panel. The kit includes the Connect+ with pre-installed Z-Wave® Plus certified automation, 4G/5G cellular via CAT-M1, and encrypted Wi-Fi cards. Alula’s Pre-enrolled kits have the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other self-contained systems.

Alula uses CAT-M1 cellular technology in the Connect+ Kits for alarm communications, freeing Security Pros from cellular sunsets regularly imposed by carriers. Not only will the CAT-M1 LTE cards survive the 3G sunset, but they will transition to 5G when 4G/LTE eventually sunsets as well. Alula is the only company in the industry to deliver a 5G-compatible strategy that protects partners from the next cellular sunset.

The new Connect+ Kits offer partners an easy opportunity to do low contact or no contact installations during COVID-19. Because the kits are pre-enrolled, partners can easily ship them direct to the customer and walk them through the installation using Alula’s easy-to-follow PRO-assisted installation guide. The kits were introduced to more than 100 Pros this week who attended a special webinar that announced the availability of the new kits on distributors’ shelves.

“We wanted to create something that will not only benefit the security installer, but the homeowner as well,” says Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Alula. “We have created the kits so that the install is very low contact and efficient, giving Alula Pros an advantage over the competition.”

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