The Humorous Side to GSX

The Humorous Side to GSX

An upside to attending GSX this year there were some humorous observations.

Late Tuesday afternoon I noticed three guys at one booth who crumpled up a piece of aluminum foil into a ball, and began a game of soccer. Not sure who won but it was a vigorous contest.

Wearing face covering was clearly a problem. My observations concluded that some people just don’t have the right nose to keep that mask in place. By late afternoon on Tuesday some had removed their facial covering clearly making the statement that a mask was hindering business communication. Perhaps strangest of all was the visitor wearing a tight or form fitting mask so that when they talked you could see the lips moving during the conversation. My favorite were staff members at one booth sported the clear mask that shielded mouth and nose. It might have been a little cooler and easier to breath but when one person sneezed … enough said.

A couple of interesting solutions on display.

Securitas introduced SecureStat 360. This solution that tracks, manages and reports on a products’ full spectrum of data from product deployment to replacement. I took a look and it is a pretty cool dashboard, and it allows security managers the ability to maintain an inventory and health status is assets.

I have a thing for the body camera. Seems to me a terrific security individual security tool. Eagle Eye Networks is offering a 4G product that offers a direct to the cloud camera designed specifically for commercial use.

Here’s a truth, body cameras tone down aggression, improve accountability, trigger immediate response and can collect valuable evidence.

Go to ADT’s website and check out their new robot. It is able to perform myriad tasks, and has the ability to pick up a bag off the ground a thumb it’s way through it looking for almost anything. It has a fist full of fingers that move your own hand. Watch for this release and a couple other cool solutions 2022, Q2/Q3.

Today is the grand finale of GSX, I’m betting that soccer game from yesterday will be in overtime. I am going to get my ticket to see who actually wins.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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