Live From GSX 2022: Post-Show Update

GSX 2022 is in the books, and everyone in attendance would agree that it was a rousing success! Attendance and engagement sparked significantly since the show’s tentative post-COVID return in 2021, and the three days were full of collaboration, strengthening existing professional relationships and forging new ones. Our Live From GSX partners especially—AlertEnterprise (Booth 2625), Axis Communications (Booth 3343) and Vistacom Control Room Solutions (Booth 1508)—were more than gracious in sharing their tricks of the trade and an in-depth look at what they’ve been working on since last year. One last time, here’s a look at each of their highlights from GSX 2022 in Atlanta!


AlertEnterprise announced the release of Asset Governance, the latest addition to its catalog of cyber-physical access management solutions. It allows users to manage the lifecycle of physical assets like ID cards, company vehicles, and more as they’re transferred from one employee to the next. It uses an entirely automated system to keep tabs on compliance and streamline provisioning from hire to retire, helping both companies and integrators alike.

Its policy-based access control (PBAC) solution uses existing physical access control systems to provide access authorization in real time. Organizations can enable access to workspaces only and precisely when necessary, down to individual employees’ shifts, configuring access according to specific needs. It applies that same method to visitor management, letting visitors use technology they already have (in conjunction with smart tools like self-service kiosks) to check into facilities quickly and securely.

Finally, Alert Enterprise’s Identity Intelligence solutions automates threat protection across IT, operational and physical systems by automating threat protection across IT, operational and physical systems. It uses one centralized hub and machine-learning capabilities to baseline identity profiles and sort through potentially millions of events to detect issues, trends and malicious behavior.

AlertEnterprise also announced a new partnership with Sentry Enterprises, an organization that helps clients reduce risk via biometrically authenticated identification and a converged approach to organizational security.

Axis Communications

The newest Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP), Axis Speed Monitor, allows organizations to easily collect data on vehicle speeds and monitor unsecure roads on their premises so that you can trigger alarms—and start video recording—to deter criminal activity. The Axis Speed Monitor integrates radars, the Axis Strobe Siren, and network cameras to create a complete solution dedicated to monitoring the safety of roads and vehicles.

Axis Object Analytics saves companies time and money by using object detection and classification to minimize false alarms and the need for a lengthy investigation in the event of an incident. It also offers line crossing, a condition that can be set up to automatically detect humans or vehicles that cross a virtual “trip wire,” allowing companies to trigger events any time someone or something enters a specific area.

Axis is also expanding its portfolio of products in the complete solutions market with the new AXIS S12 Recorder Series, which supports larger channel counts as well as the new compact, flexible and cost-effective AXIS A1210 Network Door Controller.

The Axis Camera Station video management software features include forensic search filtering, Smart Search 2, system health monitoring, mobile credential access and more.

Lastly, the AXIS Integrator Suite includes a lineup of tools to help integrators and installers at every phase of their projects. It can assist organizations in streamlining the security project design and quotation process.

Axis was also kind enough to provide video demonstrations of their various product displays – you can view them here, here and here!

Vistacom Control Room Solutions

Vistacom’s pièce de résistance at GSX 2022 was the Vistacom SecureView, a recent winner of a Security Today New Product of the Year Award in the category of DIY Security. SecureView provides a pre-configured, pre-engineered command center kit to help small-to-medium-sized organizations establish operations centers. The all-in-one command center solution allows integrators to generate a single part number that becomes a pre-fabbed video wall and operator visualization solution, straight out of the box with easy self-assembly instructions. CEO Angela Nolan offered a quick overview of the company at large and this latest solution, which you can see for yourself here!

If you’re looking for more information about Vistacom Control Room Solutions or Vistacom SecureView in particular, they’re hosting the Vistacom Tech Expo in Bethlehem, Pa., on Tuesday, Sept. 27!

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