On My Way Out the Door

To answer that one question I always get, at every booth visit, I have seen amazing product technology, solutions and above all else, the people that make it all work.

The conversation also comes up of how many years of attending, and I believe I’m at 25 years. I’ve bumped in to people with a greater longevity, and a few rookies. To those, welcome to the greatest security show in North America.

So, what’s hot?

You might think it’s a product or solution, and I’ve used that answer several times the past three days.

After meeting with Tony Byerly and his staff I believe it is corporate partnerships. We are going to explore this in greater detail in coming months. Stayed tuned.

From my perspective, it is staff back home who support our efforts on the road.

With GSX not that far off, I hope you will have the opportunity to meet Brent Dirks on my editorial staff. After all is said and done on show floor it is Brent that works out the kinks to produce this newsletter and the several product showcase newsletters to follow. Oh, and that support continues with our Lynda Brown, who as publishers assistant, keeps everything in that straight and orderly line. When it comes to production, our Jenn Slevin will provide details on every email you might receive answering questions of what goes where, and when she needs it all.

There are, of course, many others that are the strength of our team. I know I get nowhere real fast without them. I’m just the pretty face from all their hard work.

You have staff that have made your ISC West 2023 experience a little easier. Partner up and give your team a shout out.

GSX is next in Dallas. Welcome to Texas. I’m glad it’s in my hometown.

About the Author

Ralph C. Jensen is the Publisher of Security Today magazine.


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