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IT Security

How to prepare your network and defend against the “Gadget Hordes”

How to Prepare Your Network and Defend Against the “Gadget Hordes”

With each passing year, network and security administrators have been faced with more and more devices appearing inside the walls of their corporate network.

The Cloud Keeps Evolving in 2017

The Cloud Keeps Evolving in 2017

Earlier in 2016, when Gartner analysts stated that by 2020, 80 percent of all software will be offered on a subscription basis—this did not come as surprise to us at Genetec.

Bandwidth Throttling

VMS Bandwidth Saving Technologies

Beyond the core functionalities of recording and displaying video, one of the most important capabilities of modern Video Management Software platforms is the ability to reduce bandwidth required for transmitting live video.

Contextual Analytics

Contextual Analytics

Each of the millions of decisions made each day by people, devices and systems falls into one of two categories: binary and contextual.

Where the Cloud Meets Video Surveillance

Where the Cloud Meets Video Surveillance

I’m sure by now everyone understands the basics of “The Cloud” since it has become ubiquitous with almost all business apps now offered or exclusively offered in the cloud.

A Grand Experience

A Grand Experience

Davenport Hotels has relied on an analog video surveillance system for the existing hotel facilities and structures. For the new Davenport Grand Hotel, hotel management wanted to ensure the safety and security of its guests, employees, and visitors while helping to prevent theft and other loss.

Building Software

Building Software

Today’s security leaders must present solutions to enterprise organizations that meet the needs of these diverse organizations.

U.S. Hospital Falls Victim to Hackers

Hospital Falls Victim to Hackers

Yet another hospital was tossed into chaos after its computers were infected by hackers.

IT Security Compliance for Cloud Service Providers

KPMG and BalaBit have released the results of study involving IT service providers.

Taking a Practical Look at Video Storage in the Cloud

Taking a Practical Look at Video Storage in the Cloud

VSaaS solutions have been around for a while now, offering what many see as more efficient software maintenance and support for their surveillance systems.

Persistent Threats

A layered approach to network security is the most reliable way of ensuring peace of mind against Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) forms of cyberattacks because no modern company can afford the surefire method of protection

New Strategies - As IT security professionals, we’re great at providing our clients with firewalls, encryption software and other technological safeguards against data breaches.

New Strategies

As IT security professionals, we’re great at providing our clients with firewalls, encryption software and other technological safeguards against data breaches. But, did you know that even your best-protected clients may face an even greater threat than poorly managed networks and systems?

DVTEL Announces Release of United VMS 7.0

DVTEL, INC., the video surveillance solutions provider, announced today the release of its new VMS platform: United VMS 7.0, the platform of choice for corporations and organizations from entry-level to enterprise.

Hardened Wireless Ethernet Radio for the Toughest Environments Introduced

ComNet, Communication Networks of Danbury, Connecticut, a USA-based manufacturer of fiber optic transmission and networking equipment, expands the NetWave wireless Ethernet product line with a new, hardened unit for use in challenging applications.

Paving The Way To Freedom

IT leaders today face complex threats in protecting corporate IT networks from cyber threats that include spoofing, data theft, denial-of-service attacks and many other network risks.

Secure Hosted Technology

Secure Hosted Technology

From data breaches to security system compromises, there’s a ‘cloud’ hanging over hosted environments, labeling them unsafe or subject to easy compromise.

KnowBe4 Automates Security Awareness Training for IT

Most requested feature added to Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training.

BalaBit Releases Blindspotter: Real-time, User-behavior Analytics Tool

Identifies suspicious events occurring throughout IT systems.

First Online Security Game Launched to Help Educate and Raise Awareness

IS Decisions launched ‘The Weakest Link: A user security game,' with the input of security experts and analysts.

Rating a Company

Rating a Company's Security Effectiveness

Tallying the number of alerts and breaches doesn't tell the whole story.

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