Security Products Readers' Choice Award 2012

Every year, Security Products spotlights those products deemed most interesting and relevant to our readers. The 2012 Readers’ Choice Awards highlight a wide array of products from leading manufacturers in the security industry.

Our readers voted for the product winners throughout the year by responding via the magazine’s readers’ service cards or on the site. Check out the winning products below. Congratulations to all the winners.

Reader's Choice Award 2012 Security Products Magazine

Larson Electronics

Larson Electronics - Magnalight CS-A-24LED

Magnalight CS-A-24LED

The Magnalight CS-A-24LED Strobe Beacon mounts to any surface that will accept a magnet; the unit is powered by four AA batteries and produces up to 40 hours of runtime. Visible for up to three miles, the device provides an alternative to permanently mounted strobe lights that require wires and mounting hardware. The signal beacon is equipped with a magnetic base that allows operators to mount it to any vehicle, equipment or metallic surface.

    Coast to Coast Computer Products

    Coast to Coast Computer Products - MXI Stealth ZONE

    MXI Stealth ZONE

    The MXI Stealth ZONE client device is a self-contained, portable USB drive that is FIPS-, HIPPA- and Sarbanes Oxley-compliant. With the device, users can securely boot a Windows 7 environment without using a virtualization layer or network connection. This innovative, easy-to-deploy product provides users with secure access to data, systems and applications at any time and from anywhere.

      Digimerge Technologies

      2011 ECHELON Series - Digimerge Technologies

      2011 ECHELON Series

      The 2011 ECHELON Series of feature-packed, highperformance cameras support up to 600 TVL as well as advanced digital noise reduction, which removes signal noise from night vision images for clearer images and reduced DVR storage requirements. Included in the lineup are bullet cameras and weatherproof, vandal-resistant domes with three-axis brackets for wall or ceiling mounting. The cameras are available with either fixed or 2.8- to 12-millimeter varifocal lenses, plus infrared LEDs for low-light performance.


        Cellcrypt Mobile

        Cellcrypt Mobile is a downloadable Android application that provides encrypted voice calling for off-the-shelf cell phones using government-certified security. The application runs on Android devices operating over Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA wireless networks. It is a software-only solution that uses the IP data channel of cellular (2G, 3G, 4G), Wi-Fi and satellite networks and can be deployed to personnel anywhere in the world in as little as 10 minutes.

          Arrow Lock

          7700 Series Door Operator - Arrow Lock

          7700 Series Door Operator

          The 7700 Series Door Operator is typically used for retrofit applications and converts interior, non-firerated doors to automated door openings. This product is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by meeting handicap accessibility requirements. The product’s touch-free wall switch offers hands-free options for entering and exiting areas such as public restrooms, labs and examination rooms. The series requires hard-wired installation with standard electric power. Users have the option of ordering a plug-in power cord model or radio frequency model.


            CLIP PG2

            The CLIP PG2 combines curtain detection capabilities with a miniature, unobtrusive housing design. The easy-to-install detector can be programmed to cover one of three ranges, according to the type of installation. It is suitable for perimeter protection, by creating virtual curtains along doors, windows and all-glass walls or between rooms.

              Security Identification Systems Corp.

              GOV PASS

              The GOV-PASS visitor identification management system complies with Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD) 12 to verify the identity of individuals gaining access to government facilities. Capable of reading data embedded into numerous forms of government-issued identification cards, the system confirms that the card presented is FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard)-compliant.

                ReconRobotics Inc.

                Recon Scout Throwbot LE

                The Recon Scout Throwbot LE is designed to help patrol officers assess potentially dangerous situations. The tactical robot weighs 1.1 lbs., is less than 6 inches long and can be thrown up to 50 feet. Once deployed, it is remotely operated using a small, handheld operator control unit that also receives video reconnaissance from the robot. The video can alert patrol officers to hidden threats, which gives officers time to assess the situation and react.

                  Comtrol Corp.

                  Theft Deterrent Solution - Comtrol Corp.

                  Theft Deterrent Solution

                  The Theft Deterrent Solution enables automated access control with no physical barriers for asset protection and employee safety. The system may be deployed in areas such as store rooms, retail cashwrap counters, product counters and warehouses. It detects the presence of authorized personnel and will automatically arm itself with an eye-safe infrared curtain when a protected area is left unattended. An alert signal is immediately generated once an unauthorized person or object breaches that field.

                    Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies

                    Schlage HandKey - Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies

                    Schlage HandKey

                    The Schlage HandKey reader measures the size and shape of a user’s hand to verify identity. The user places a hand on the platen, then enters a unique PIN on the keypad or uses a card to gain access. The device does not read fingerprints or palm prints and works even if the user’s hand is wet, dirty or injured. Easy to install and maintain, the reader can operate as a stand-alone device, or users can integrate it into a new or existing access control system.

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