June 2012

  • RETAIL SECURITY - Let the Finger Do the Talking
  • MOBILE SECURITY - One World, One Call
  • HOSPITAL SECURITY - End-to-End Surveillance
  • ACCESS CONTROL - Supporting PIV-I Cards


End to End Surveillance

Security companies integrate audio and video to deliver immediate ROI via risk reduction

By Nicole Segura, Vance Kozik

At the behavioral health hospitals, risk management and staff training programs play an important role in the overall vision of their parent corporation by creating a safe and effective environment for patients, employees, visitors and the general public.

One World, One Call

End users leverage partnerships to streamline security across the globe

By Renae Leary

Many of today’s growth-oriented businesses aim to extend operations to other states and countries after solidifying success in existing markets, and this trend will only continue to accelerate.

Supporting PIV I Cards

How to determine if your physical access control system supports the solution

By Bob Fontana

When your physical access control system (PACS) manufacturer tells you its system supports PIV-I “end-to-end,” you might want to do some additional digging to make sure you both agree as to what that really means.

Ensuring Patient Privacy, Enhancing Security

New, smarter surveillance technologies are perfect prescription for healthcare settings

By Greg Peratt

Today’s video surveillance camera manufacturers offer models specifically built for the healthcare setting.

Selling A Proactive Approach

Educated end users reduce costs, increase protection

By Rolland Trayte

In the physical security industry, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. No one knows that better than Laurie M. Morris, president of Warren Protective Services Ltd., headquartered in Toronto.

Nonprofit Full Security

Cameras help therapeutic center re-establish peace of mind

By Steve Gorski

For more than 30 years, Equest Therapeutic Riding Center in Wylie, Texas, has provided horse-assisted therapies to adults and children with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities.

Let The Finger Do The Talking

Retailers need to understand how access control can be integrated into identity management systems

By Bill Spence

Retailers need to understand how access control can be integrated into identity management systems

Into The Air

Standards development assists with integration issues, but will interoperability ever become a reality?

By Ian Johnston

A few years back, a number of leading IP surveillance manufacturers got together to discuss the development of an organization that would promote and develop IP standards.

High Rise Upgrade

Luxury condominium complex seeks manageable fire alarm solution

By Jim Spooner

The recently upgraded fire alarm system at the Gulf and Bay Club in Sarasota, Fla., has been a big improvement for the gated condo community’s residents and management, as well as the guards who are on duty 24/7.


Addressing SSTDR Technology

Security and alarm business makes sense of complexities

By Ron Vogel

Security and alarm systems become more complex every day as new services, features, technologies and capabilities are added.

Interoperability Anticipated

By Eduard J. Emde, CPP

When the ASIS International 58th Annual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2012) opens in Philadelphia on Sept. 10, more than 20,000 security professionals from more than 90 countries around the globe will converge at the Pennsylvania Convention Center to learn what’s changed, what works and what’s coming next in the industry.


The Perfect Fit

Des Moines store owner migrates from analog to VSaaS to in-house IP to reduce theft

By Mary Wilbur

The business proposition of Plato’s Closet, a popular consignment store chain, differs from those of upscale department stores and big box retail outlets.

To The Rescue

Video Surveillance is a key player in solving crimes

By John L. Moss

Several months ago, I noticed a set of tire tracks running across my front lawn. Knowing that neither my wife nor I enjoy offroading on our yard, I did some investigative work.

IP Video Is The Answer

Nebraska medical center improves safety, cuts costs

By Courtney Pedersen

The Nebraska Medical Center is the largest healthcare facility in the state, with 624 licensed beds. Administrators wanted to improve the safety of the facility’s at-risk patients who require 24/7 observation, while also reducing staff and overhead requirements.

Safety On The Railway

Fiber-optic surveillance network provides safety, security on Russian lines

By Ty Estes

How does one of the largest railway companies in the world protect its passengers from terrorist attacks and sabotage?

What's New At The Edge

How network cameras are reshaping the surveillance landscape

By Fredrik Nilsson

Even though the first product launch of a network camera happened in 1996, it was a little more than a decade ago before the device began appearing in the physical security arena.

Training 101

Dealers benefit from a training program that is comprehensive and ongoing

By Megan Weadock

Education isn’t just for college students. Everyone in the workforce can benefit from continuing to learn throughout their career—especially those of us in the fast-paced, highly technical field of security.

IP Video Tips

How CPU's and processor speeds affect system design

By Jeff Stout

All NVR and hybrid recorders are not created equally. Every manufacturer has different CPU and throughput speed specifications.

The Game Changer

IP and cellular fire alarm communications make a difference

By Stacy Deveraux

What hasn’t already been said— numerous times—about the supposed imminent demise of the U.S. hardwire public switched telephone system and new fire alarm communications technologies?

Ralph Jensen

Tri-Ed/Northern Video Distribution On The Move

By Ralph C. Jensen

In case you haven’t noticed, though it would be hard to miss, Tri-Ed/ Northern Video Distribution is on the move.

What Is New In Electronic Security Training

Learn by doing and find a good example

By John Wood

Unlike most things under the sun, there really is something new and exciting in electronic security training, and this new approach is poised to vastly improve formal training for those in the industry.

New Products

  • Dinkle DKU Barrier Terminal Blocks

    Dinkle DKU Barrier Terminal Blocks

    New DKU screw type terminal blocks use a spring-guided system where the screws are integrated and captive within the terminal enclosure. These screws can be backed out so that ring- or U-shaped cable lugs can be inserted, without the possibility of losing the screw. 3

  • Pivot3 Surety

    Pivot3 Surety

    Pivot3 has announced Surety, a new intelligent software framework to simplify the management and monitoring of physical security environments. 3

  • Paxton10 CORE Cameras

    Paxton10 CORE Cameras

    The new CORE Series cameras feature edge processing for ultimate scalability, built-in edge storage, and plug-and-play installation. The addition of the CORE Series gives installers new hardware, better choice, and more value than ever before. 3