Security Products Magazine February 2014 Digital Edition

February 2014

  • UTILITY SECURITY - The Grisley Lure of Copper
  • SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS - Making the Choice
  • EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES - Increasing Security with Smart Credentials
  • THE STATUE OF LIBERTY - A Light of Freedom


A Light of Freedom

A Light of Freedom

By Jamie Friedlander, Ralph C. Jensen

Security at the Statue of Liberty has never been taken for granted; it just hasn’t been a top priority of the government. That is not the case with the U.S. Park Police. They have used, to the best of their ability, security equipment that was appropriated but lacked the highest technology.

Keeping assets well protected

Keeping Assets Well Protected

Technology bolsters security and business practices in the financial vertical

By Joe Pellettiere

There are tens of thousands of bank branches and financial services locations throughout the world. The business environment itself is complex, as it combines elements of high-end commercial services with a frontline, retail component.

Making the Choice - Fixed costs, customized solutions and user convenience - determining factors in buying physical identity and access management

Making the Choice

Fixed costs, customized solutions and user convenience - determining factors in buying physical identity and access management

By Ajay Jain

The migration of physical security technology to a network platform has made it easier and more convenient for organizations to integrate the various modalities of physical security into a unified configuration to better safeguard their employees, visitors, premises and material/intellectual property.

Increasing Security with Smart Credentials

Increasing Security with Smart Credentials

Prepare for smart credential and NFC deployment now

By Jeremy Earles

For about the same price, a smart credential provides a higher level of security, more convenience and far greater functionality than a proximity card. As used on college campuses and in newer access control systems, smart credentials have the ability to manage access, payments and many other functions much more securely.

The Grisly Lure of Copper

The Grisly Lure of Copper

How to turn electrical substations into less tempting targets

By Robert Moore

It is unbelievable how some people are so desperate for money that they risk their very lives for a quick buck. With copper as one of today’s most grisly lures, thieves scale fences to high-voltage distribution sites and cut the copper off live, megawatt lines.


Not All is Lost in War

Not All is Lost in War

By Ginger Hill

The cold, brisk wind of December in Dallas attacked my body that was wrapped in a winter’s coat as I stepped out of my vehicle, ready to seize the not-so-ordinary work day ahead of me. A mist filled the air, kissing my cheek with coldness as harsh as death. You see, death was the reason I was here in the first place; yet, this was a place of happiness.

Casino Doesn’t Bet on Security

Casino Doesn’t Bet on Security

Expansion at California card games facility includes security upgrade

By Ken LaMarca

Players Casino requested demos and ultimately selected OnSSI’s Ocularis, using encoders to migrate many of their existing analog cameras to avoid the expense and inconvenience of having to rip and replace every camera. One key factor in the decision for Ocularis was the software’s fast and easy training for both new and seasoned employees.

Forget Your Passwords

By Ralph C. Jensen

Looks like it is just about time for biometrics to make its long awaited debut. Yes, we have seen biometrics for quite some time, and it is true that the impact has been strong in the security world. But, get ready to see biometrics on steroids. It’s coming.

Networking Security

Next Revolution of IP in Security

Next Revolution of IP in Security

Top three myths of IP-based physical access control technology

By Ola Jönsson

It is no exaggeration to say that network video technology has revolutionized the video surveillance market, and the access control industry is on the verge of a similar revolution.

The Growth of IT Security

Manufacturers should increase engagement to foster loyalty

By Charles P. Williams

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) market is growing fast so much that industry analysts predict it will be worth over $5 billion within the next three years. Why did this take so long to arrive? After all, virtual desktops have been around since the 1990s.

Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber attacks mean business risks

By Andrew Braunberg

People have been talking about the inevitable rise of cyber security insurance for more than a decade now. Cyber attacks have grown into a significant business risk, and an important component of reducing this type of risk is via transfer through insurance policies.

Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Persistent Threats

Setting up perimeter security

By David Finger

An Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a piece of malware that is distinguished by the sophistication of its code, the vectors cybercriminals are choosing for attack and the perseverance with which they’re going after their targets.

Protect Against Attack

Protect Against Attack

Stop theft of credit card and other biographical data

By Brian Laing

The one thing consistent about malware attacks is that they continue to change quite a bit as time goes by. Initially, many attacks were unstructured and untargeted, indiscriminately honing in on large numbers of hosts in an attempt to find their vulnerabilities. The outcome of these initial attacks was often simple defacement or destruction of data with very few of the overall volume of these attacks covered in the news.


New Products

  • AC Nio

    AC Nio

    Aiphone, a leading international manufacturer of intercom, access control, and emergency communication products, has introduced the AC Nio, its access control management software, an important addition to its new line of access control solutions. 3

  • Luma x20

    Luma x20

    Snap One has announced its popular Luma x20 family of surveillance products now offers even greater security and privacy for home and business owners across the globe by giving them full control over integrators’ system access to view live and recorded video. According to Snap One Product Manager Derek Webb, the new “customer handoff” feature provides enhanced user control after initial installation, allowing the owners to have total privacy while also making it easy to reinstate integrator access when maintenance or assistance is required. This new feature is now available to all Luma x20 users globally. “The Luma x20 family of surveillance solutions provides excellent image and audio capture, and with the new customer handoff feature, it now offers absolute privacy for camera feeds and recordings,” Webb said. “With notifications and integrator access controlled through the powerful OvrC remote system management platform, it’s easy for integrators to give their clients full control of their footage and then to get temporary access from the client for any troubleshooting needs.” 3

  • XS4 Original+

    XS4 Original+

    The SALTO XS4 Original+ design is based on the same proven housing and mechanical mechanisms of the XS4 Original. The XS4 Original+, however, is embedded with SALTO’s BLUEnet real-time functionality and SVN-Flex capability that enables SALTO stand-alone smart XS4 Original+ locks to update user credentials directly at the door. Compatible with the array of SALTO platform solutions including SALTO Space data-on-card, SALTO KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access solution, and SALTO’s JustIn Mobile technology for digital keys. The XS4 Original+ also includes RFID Mifare DESFire, Bluetooth LE and NFC technology functionality. 3