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Vehicle for city wide and remote location video monitoring/recording

A vehicle with the ability to remotely monitor and record has been rolled out for city wide use. The prototype, created by Dotworkz, was designed for use at construction sites, high profile events and even search and rescue missions.

The vehicle is based on a 2015 Sprinter 4x4 that features 7 Ballistic Anti Shock Housing (BASH) camera systems. BASH enclosures are uniquely designed for versatility in multiple uses, as they cover and hide their micro mini-domes, 4K, megapixel and night vision specialty cameras.

BASH is an all-environment-ready camera protection and is designed to work flawlessly with all specialty cameras. The housings are 100 percent waterproof and are able to withstand any amount of road vibrations, dust, dirt, wind, snow, ice, heat and even rock or bullet impacts. They provide hyper durable mobile camera protection for any on or off road vehicle including cars, boats or submarines.

As for the cameras, security details and construction operatives use 4K rolling shutter cameras, which provide a fast image capture, sharp ultra HD picture quality and the ability to zoom in up to 4x without losing any resolution. This function gives a clear view of what is or was going on at any given time on the site.

All of the Sprinter’s camera systems are 100 percent self-powered from Dotworkz’ Solar Solution kits. This means that once it’s on site, the vehicle’s 360 watt solar array will power all cameras, NVRs and uplink communication hardware 24/7 for more than a month without needing any outside power sources.

HD Relays back-end platform allows users unprecedented control with options for recording and using images, video and audio taken from the vehicle. Image size, recording settings, camera positions, view and more can be set from any computer with Internet access. This is made possible by HD Relay’s video uplink system, which connects the cameras to major networks like Sprint and Verizon in order to take the footage online for live streaming and rewinding the footage.

The platform also allows for creative, fun and useful features like quick downloads of time lapses, panoramic auto capture and more. Time lapses are great for viewing long projects, from start to finish, in just a few seconds. These are extremely useful for keeping organized records, fundraising, sharing progress and celebrating successful large projects.

Internally, the live-event vehicle features over four recording computers, Relay PCs and VMS controllers. The video is both recorded and pushed out to HD Relay’s distributed server up-links and YouTube Live (at the user’s discretion).

Why it Works for Security Details

The vehicle prototype is the ultimate security van for protecting buildings, event areas, sporting events, wildlife events, and other client requests.

The BASH camera enclosures are sturdy enough to protect against vandalism and/or extreme environmental factors. They can be placed at multiple sites on the vehicle for a complete and custom 360-degree viewing of any site. PTZ cameras create a long-range 360-degree view, so no one misses a thing.

Video screens within the van are optimal for security details, allowing quick mobile streaming in any area with an Internet uplink.

Use in Construction Projects

The vehicle is an ideal video surveillance option for keeping construction records and protecting large, valuable equipment on job sites during on and off hours.

During work hours, video records are taken for detailed reports about progress and events that occur at any given moment. 4K cameras allow for 4x optical zoom without the loss of sharp ultra HD video quality, allowing viewers to assess the video in great detail.

Offsite managers will appreciate that live video feeds and recorded video footage can be accessed from anywhere, anytime via HD Relay’s secure, userfriendly online back end system. The time lapse features offered by HD Relay are another popular tool for construction projects. Time lapses creatively show a quick, visual record of the project from start to finish, in just a few seconds.

The Vehicle for Police Events

As a fully functional security vehicle, the live event prototype works flawlessly for events with a need for any range of high security detail.

The vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art security features such as a new fog based product called Valley 10 Smoke Cloak. The Smoke Cloak is in place to protect the van when the operators leave the vehicle or park it in dangerous areas when the Smoke Cloak is active. This gives security professionals an advantage during events where a lot of security is needed.

The camera systems can be custom developed and placed for the specific needs of the user. Options include 360-degree viewing of any event and 4K PTZ cameras for panning, tilting and zooming into any point in a long range, 360-degree view.

The van provides instant on, mobile, HD video footage for both ultra HD live streaming (security during event) and recording (for records and playback as needed).

The HD Relay/Dotworkz live event vehicle prototype is suitable and customizable for additional purposes like news vans, search and rescue operations, protection of wildlife areas, theme park security, mobile business security, large event and concert security, mobile city security and more.

When combined, the many high tech features of the van make it the most specialized, rugged, capable security vehicle that can be deployed instantly.

This article originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of Security Today.


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