Security Products Magazine Digital Edition - August 2016

August 2016

  • Watch Your Perimeter
  • Vetting a Vendor
  • Evaluating Accuracy
  • The Data Dilemma
  • Tame the Hot Spots
  • Carry On Convenience


Tame The Hot Spots

Security professionals can help keep hospital challenges under control

By Bruce Czerwinski

Hospitals present combined security challenges not found in other facilities. There are potentially thousands of people, patients, staff, visitors and vendors, to protect.

Vetting a Vendor

Vetting a Vendor

Every part of a financial institution must be secure

By Jeff Walker

Security continues to be a major area of vulnerability for the banking industry, with attacks impacting individuals, small businesses and major corporations.

Watch Your Perimeter

Watch Your Perimeter

Video surveillance for perimeter security should pay close attention to light sensitivity and other IP camera features

By Allen Chan

When it comes to securing perimeters, no two are exactly the same. Perimeters can be vast and remote like a national border, or they can be small and urban like the area surrounding a city bus terminal. Intrusion concerns can be via land, air, water or all three. Nearly any combination of factors is possible.

The Data Dilemma

The Data Dilemma

Solve video surveillance with a multi-tier approach

By Wayne Arvidson

Today, smart devices seem to be everyplace—homes, cars, transit stations, workplaces, stores, restaurants, and even on our bodies to name just a few—capturing information and creating massive amounts of data.

Evaluating Accuracy

Evaluating Accuracy

By Mark Clifton

Installers and system integrators must consider a wide range of readers and credential types in the evaluation process when designing an access control system.


Meeting the TWIC Mandate

Industry Vertical

Meeting the TWIC Mandate

Louisiana’s Port Fourchon makes security an important dialog

By Kim Rahfaldt

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission, located on the Gulf Coast in Louisiana, facilitates the economic growth of the communities in which it operates by maximizing the flow of trade and commerce.


Industry Professional

It's a BASH

Vehicle for city wide and remote location video monitoring/recording

By William Ferris

A vehicle with the ability to remotely monitor and record has been rolled out for city wide use. The prototype, created by Dotworkz, was designed for use at construction sites, high profile events and even search and rescue missions.

Industry Focus

Carry On Convenience

By Ralph C. Jensen

According to Vaughn Glenn, a TSA agent and union representative in Detroit, only about half of Americans surveyed in a 2014 poll thought TSA screening makes air travel safer.

Networking Security

The Risk Profile

The Risk Profile

Does your surveillance system fit the proper cyber profile?

By Ron Grinfeld

It’s become clear that the likelihood of cyber attacks isn’t a question of “if,” but rather a question of “when.”

Who is the Next Gen Worker?

Who is the Next Gen Worker?

New workers must be agile and be able to adapt quickly

By Adam Jaques

Today’s workplace is far different from 15, five, even two years ago. Employees are expected to get more done, in a shorter amount of time, with more distractions than ever before.

Hello Internet

Hello Internet

Acknowledging the role of the end user in critical infrastructure security

By Trevor Hawthorn

Phishing is a problem for everyone from consumers to businesses to governments.

A Practical Defense

Energy and electric utilities need realistic security resources

By Katherine Brocklehurst

A resilient electric power grid is critical to a wide range of essential services and is a highly complex mosaic of technologies.

Focus On The Document

Focus On The Document

Customers should not have to worry about a possible data security risk

By Mia Papanicolaou

Despite years of breaking news stories on security breaches and the resulting reputational damage, many businesses are still under protected when it comes to data security.

New Products

  • Tyco Kantech EntraPass security management software

    Tyco Kantech EntraPass security management software

    Johnson Controls, the global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, and architect of the Open Blue digital connected platforms, has released the newest version of the Tyco Kantech EntraPass security management software. 3

  • SecureAuth


    The acceleration of digital transformation initiatives as a result of COVID-19 has created a lasting impact on how businesses empower their workforce and engage customers. 3

  • ComNet CNGE6FX2TX4PoE

    The ComNet cost-efficient CNGE6FX2TX4PoE is a six-port switch that offers four Gbps TX ports that support the IEEE802.3at standard and provide up to 30 watts of PoE to PDs. It also has a dedicated FX/TX combination port as well as a single FX SFP to act as an additional port or an uplink port, giving the user additional options in managing network traffic. The CNGE6FX2TX4PoE is designed for use in unconditioned environments and typically used in perimeter surveillance. 3