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New March Networks ME4 Series IP Cameras Deliver HDR, 4MP Resolution

March Networks, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, is pleased to introduce its new ME4 Series Cameras. The new cameras incorporate High Dynamic Range (HDR) to deliver clear video in all lighting conditions, including environments such as banking branches and retail storefronts where parts of the scene are very bright and others very dark. Able to capture facial features, license plates, bill denominations and other critical details, the cameras' 4MP resolution strikes an ideal balance between video clarity and bandwidth and storage efficiency.

March Networks Introduces New Security Audit Tool

March Networks, a global provider of intelligent IP video solutions, is pleased to introduce an innovative, new Security Audit tool to help systems integrators evaluate and improve the security of their video installation configurations and provide additional assurance to their customers.

InfraGard to Colocate Annual Conference at ASIS 2016 and (ISC)2 Security Congress

InfraGard National Members Alliance (INMA) has announced that its 2016 Annual Congress and Conference will be part of a historic joint Conference with ASIS International and (ISC)2. In an unprecedented move, InfraGard will co-locate their Congress and first annual Conference with ASIS and (ISC)2 on September 12-15 in Orlando, Florida.

Paxton announces investment and restructuring initiative in the US

Paxton Access, Inc. the fastest growing access control company in the United States announced today an investment and restructuring initiative to support long-term growth and innovation in the market.

Shooting at Alpine High Leaves 1 Dead, 2 Injured

Shooting at Alpine High Leaves 1 Dead 2 Injured

One female student shot another and then killed herself, in the confusion afterwards a marshal shot a Homeland Security agent.



Live from ASIS 2016 Preview

Live from ASIS 2016 Preview

For the first time at an ASIS show, Security Products Magazine and will be covering the industry event live, utilizing social media and a new landing page on our site to keep those at home up to date on the latest product announcements and innovations

A Fine Balance: Bandwidth Consumption vs Live Video Monitoring

A Fine Balance: Bandwidth Consumption vs Live Video Monitoring

Managing security along public transit routes comes with many challenges.

Integrated Revolutionary Life Safety Technology Kicks Off ASIS 2016 at Texas Night

Leading New Jersey-based security and safety specialists launches new integrated life safety technology at 2016 Texas Night in Orlando and helps saddle up attendees of ASIS International.

Your Best Project: Ten Security Design Tools You Must Try


Your Best Project: Ten Security Design Tools You Must Try

Network design is challenging, requiring designers to balance user performance expectations with network-resource costs, capacities, capabilities, and use scenarios.

Top 10 Booths to Visit at ASIS

Top 10 Booths to Visit at ASIS

ASIS is super busy, so let Security Today tell you where to go.

On the Heels of a Hurricane

Only a week ago, Topical Storm Hermine made landfall in Florida. I think we're pretty safe attending ASIS in Orlando, but Florida is always in the crosshairs. A "hurricane" in its own right will hit Orlando next week when ASIS touches down.

UT Steps up Security after Murder on Campus

UT Steps up Security after Murder on Campus

The University of Texas asked the Department of Public Safety to complete a security review of the campus.

Topeka School District Creates Safer Learning Environment with IP Video Management

Milestone IP VMS provided a significant upgrade to the district’s video system, greatly enhancing its ability to monitor and respond to incidents on and around school campuses.

The Inaugural Securty Week will be Held in Conjunction with ASIS 2016

ASIS International (ASIS), the world's largest association for security management professionals, today announced the launch of Security Week, a series of community preparedness and educational events that will be held in conjunction with the organization's 62nd Annual Seminar and Exhibits (ASIS 2016). Nearly 20,000 security professionals from across the globe are expected to attend ASIS 2016, which is being held Sept. 12-15, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Industry Professional

Practical Protection

For most startup companies, paying for security management may not be a possibility. Budget constraints, business plans and other factors can lead to security taking a backseat to a company’s long list of other priorities.

Combatting Insider Threat

The recent disappearance of Egypt Air Flight MS804 on May 19 has once again highlighted the issues of insider threat at airports.

The Art of Security

The Art of Security

Located just an hour west of Boston, the Worcester Art Museum is world-renowned for its 35,000-piece collection of paintings, sculptures, photographic prints, drawings and new media.

Is It a Crisis?

The phrases critical communications and crisis communications are used interchangeably. However, they are synergistic building blocks.

Axis and Canon Announce Change of Global Sales and Marketing Framework for Network Video Portfolio

Axis Communications and Canon Inc. announced today an agreement under which the two companies would change their sales and marketing efforts in major regional markets worldwide.

How Smart is Your Phone?

Smartphones have changed the way we do business in virtually every industry that touches the Internet, which is now virtually every industry on the planet.

Industry Focus

A September to Remember

The fall festival, otherwise known as ASIS, kicks off later this month. Thankfully, it is in Orlando, though I can hardly wait until next year when it is scheduled for Dallas.

On Cruise Control

Standing as the corporate headquarters for the Rydell Automotive Group in Grand Forks, N.D., the Rydell Auto Center is comprised of a multi-site campus with departments varying from sales centers to a body shop and carwash.

Contextual Analytics

Contextual Analytics

Each of the millions of decisions made each day by people, devices and systems falls into one of two categories: binary and contextual.

Hitting A Home Run

If you are a security installer, you probably have a favorite place to work. For instance, as an integrator of security systems, you may have a passion for securing schools or healthcare facilities. Both are honorable goals and facilities to provide security.

Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

The World Trade Center (WTC) site is hallowed ground in Lower Manhattan, yet throngs of people flood the acreage that used to be occupied by the Twin Towers.

To The Rescue

To The Rescue

Jim Short can’t name names, but one of his NVR clients is a Los Angeles hotel brimming with $3,000 a night suites, and a parking garage stocked with vehicles that most of us only dream of owning.

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All Doors Not Created Equal

You might not give a second thought when you enter or exit a secure facility; it may just seem routine. But, that’s not how Martin Huddart and the team at ASSA ABLOY see it.

A Wing and A Prayer

A Wing and A Prayer

Nearly 3,000 members, plus parents and children from the community, use the Bartlett United Methodist Church in Bartlett, Tenn, as their home base for worship services, preschool and recreational activities.

The Top 3 Trends

The Top 3 Trends

Cloud environments give companies a cost-effective, easy-to-use data store solution. In fact, analysts predict that cloud spending will cross a $200 billion tipping point in 2016.

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