January 2013

  • AIRPORT SECURITY - Security On The Runway
  • MUNICIPAL SECURITY - Wide-scale Municipal Security
  • ID CARDS - Addressing The Insider Threat
  • MOBILE APPS SECURITY - Worlds Colliding
  • BIOMETRICS - Biometrics On The Front End


Security System Takes Wing

Police department monitors airfield operations center

By Kim Rahfaldt

Springfield-Branson National Airport, located in Springfield, Mo., which has a population of 400,000, recently underwent a large expansion project.

Total Airport Security System: Integrated Security Monitoring Platform

By Debjit Das

According to the Department of Homeland Security, more than 730 million people travel on passenger jets every year, and more than 700 million pieces of baggage are screened for explosives and other dangerous items.

Wide-Scale Municipal Security

Wisconsin community seeks safety for all departments

By Courtney Pedersen

When Brown County, Wis., decided to install a centralized surveillance solution throughout its government facilities, Milestone XProtect Corporate video management software was deployed over the existing private communications fiber network to increase safety for its departments.

Biometrics on the Front End

When will American banks begin implementing new technology?

By Phil Scarfo

Unlike other forms of strong authentication, biometrics is the only means of determining who is using the system. Systems relying on PINs, passcodes or less reliable means of user authentication are rapidly becoming both ineffective and obsolete.

Worlds Colliding

How the consumer landscape and the modern enterprise model are changing security

By Jeremy Brecher

There’s no question that the 21st century has brought significant change to security solutions. An abundance of connectivity options and the application of technologies—such as IP, virtualization, hosted solutions and mobile—are enhancing the way we secure the enterprise and helping to improve security.

v2.0 and Counting

Mobile security devices becoming part of security buffet

By Chris Ryan

Just as typewriters and paper gave way to personal computers and floppy disks, tablets, smartphones and the mobile apps that can be used on these devices are becoming the technology of choice for business and personal use, including the physical security industry.

Addressing The Insider Threat

Modernizing systems enables better management of airport worker identities

By Ajay Jain

Airline and airport workers require access to sensitive and restricted areas every day. Ensuring that only authorized staff has access to restricted areas is an important aspect of airport security, and one that requires the same high level of attention as passenger security threats.

Security On The Runway

Security On The Runway

Don’t forget to focus on security at the perimeter

By Jonathan Murray

Security in airports has always been a high priority, with high visibility. However, the perimeter surrounding the airport is still, in too many cases, neglected.

Secure Issuance

Latest printer/encoder solutions support centralized, distributed models for driver’s licenses

By Alan Fontanella

The United States is looking for better and more cost-effective ways to serve its more than 220 million licensed drivers.


Straight to the Heart of Cyber Security, Warfare

By Ralph C. Jensen

We often talk about security in terms of commercial and industrial ventures, but the military also speaks of security, and their message varies little from what we hear at tradeshows. In fact, the military is quite interested in private industry partnering where there is value and productivity is placed on many communities in our nation.

The Facts Speak for Themselves

Shoplifters steal $237 worth of goods per incident, but employees lift much more

By Michael Irvin

The numbers speak for themselves. Reducing employee theft within your organization is one of the quickest ways to grow your bottom line. On average, employees steal an average of $1,944 per incident—more than eight times higher than shoplifters.

Dealer Strategies

A Good Pedigree Helps

By Ralph C. Jensen

Good networking and a professional pedigree are significant advantages in any professional endeavor, but in the security world, qualifications mean just about everything. And, it doesn’t hurt to have a love for the business either.

RMR For The Cost Of A PIR

Exploring the benefits of cameras and smartphones equipped with motion sensors

By Keith Jentoft

The world has changed. Free video is everywhere. Nobody carries a separate camera anymore—everything is a camera, including laptops, iPads and cell phones.

Security Awareness Training

The Final Frontier in the Fight against CyberCrime

By Joe Ferrara

While the variety and sophistication of cybersecurity technologies has expanded exponentially over the last decade, the ability of organizations to defend themselves against security breaches doesn’t seem to be improving.

Interactive Services

Boosting RMR in the dealer world

By Rob Phillips

Life in the digital age has never been better. We’ve graduated from rabbit ears to flat screens and 24-hour photo processing to instant downloads. Laptops can fit into a purse as easily as a desk.

The Makings of a Valuable Partnership

Distributors should be members of and actively support the associations on national and local level

By Pat Comunale

The value proposition that distributors can and should bring to the channel is huge. Not only should they offer a vast and comprehensive inventory of products, they should constantly strive to expand the value-added services they provide to customers as well.

Campus Security & Life Safety

Deterring Crime on Campus

The power of IP cameras

By Vance Kozik

Over the past two decades, increasing crime and violence in American schools have highlighted the critical need for safer, more secure campuses.

A Universal Solution

Hillsborough Community College improve security infrastructure

By Samuel Shanes

In recent years, colleges across the country have upgraded and improved the way they monitor, assess and respond to security incidents on campus.

Video Evidence 101

Network surveillance cameras help Green Bay schools hone their C.S.I. skills

By Fredrik Nilsson

Public schools may not be a hotbed of criminal activity, but they do have their share of incidents on campus that need to be investigated.

Managing School Visitors

By Ralph C. Jensen

As a kid, I lived across the street from the school in sleepy Byron, Wyo. It was a wonderful community where everyone knew everyone’s business. Going to school was like going to church; adults could come and go as they wanted.


New Products

  • XS4 Original+

    XS4 Original+

    The SALTO XS4 Original+ design is based on the same proven housing and mechanical mechanisms of the XS4 Original. The XS4 Original+, however, is embedded with SALTO’s BLUEnet real-time functionality and SVN-Flex capability that enables SALTO stand-alone smart XS4 Original+ locks to update user credentials directly at the door. Compatible with the array of SALTO platform solutions including SALTO Space data-on-card, SALTO KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access solution, and SALTO’s JustIn Mobile technology for digital keys. The XS4 Original+ also includes RFID Mifare DESFire, Bluetooth LE and NFC technology functionality. 3

  • FlexPower® Global™ Series (FPG) from LifeSafety Power

    FlexPower® Global™ Series (FPG) from LifeSafety Power

    The FlexPower® Global™ Series (FPG) from LifeSafety Power—designed to provide DC power for access control systems in international applications—is now PSE listed for Japan and compatible with the country’s 100VAC applications. 3

  • HID Signo Readers

    HID Signo Readers

    HID Global has announced its HID® Signo™ Biometric Reader 25B that is designed to capture and read fingerprints in real-world applications and conditions. 3