Security Products Magazine March 2013 Digital Edition

May 2013

  • VIDEO SURVEILLANCE - An Eye on Paradise
  • VENUE SECURITY - Protecting the Priceless
  • MOBILE SECURITY - The New Mobility
  • BIOMETRICS - What's in Your BYOD World?


Safeguarding Assets

Safeguarding Assets

Employees at desktop computers monitor surveillance live to protect the past.

By Rick Ramsay

With a history dating back to the 1850s, the Sioux City Public Museum has evolved from its original focus on natural science to a broader emphasis on preserving the area’s heritage, offering a variety of educational programs, events and historical exhibitions valued at more than $2 million.

The New Mobility

Technological dreams come to life

By Frank Defina

When I was growing up, one of my favorite comic book characters was Dick Tracy—not the Warren Beatty variety— but the heroic police detective of Sunday newspaper comic strips.

Protecting the Priceless

Protecting The Priceless

One-of-a-kind facility uses advanced video analytics and megapixel technology

By Wendi Burke

The National Museum of Funeral History in Houston houses the country’s largest collection of funeral service artifacts and highlights renowned exhibits on one of man’s oldest cultural customs.

An Eye on Paradise

An Eye on Paradise

Maui County migrates to a centralized security system

By Steve Carney

Recently, the county implemented an initiative to migrate toward one centralized system for all security, including access control, biometrics and surveillance on its three populated islands, excluding Kahoolawe, which does not have any residents or county buildings.

The Edge of Intelligence

The Edge of Intelligence

Why today’s network cameras are so smart

By Robert Muehlbauer

When the first network camera was introduced in 1996, its functionality was pretty bare bones: digitize images and send them across the network to a centralized video management system.

What’s in Your BYOD World?

What’s in Your BYOD World?

Biometrics is key to network-centric security

By Michael Harris

As network security professionals are acutely aware, they must be continuously vigilant to meet the ever-evolving threats driven by the bring your own device (BYOD) trend that is extending the network outside the office.

Wireless Access Links Diverse Buildings

Wireless Access Links Diverse Buildings

Technology provides longer-lasting protection

By April Dalton-Noblitt

With scattered buildings and each with different access control needs, the town of Estes Park, Colo., faced a complicated security situation.

Identity, the New Security Perimeter

Identity, the New Security Perimeter

Mobile users have access to more information, better communication than ever before

By Peter Cattaneo

Whether traveling, working from home, in flex offices or a conference room at a home office, we expect information access to be immediate and communication via voice, chat, text or email to be always available.


Put that Knife Back in Your Pocket

By Ralph C. Jensen

A few years ago, someone sent me a little knife that, when you push a lever, the blade flies from inside the stock. It is a wicked little weapon that I had put away and forgot about. I found it during my annual office spring cleaning.

Centralizing Your Video Management Software

By James Whitcomb

The industry-wide migration to IP video surveillance over the last few years has had many benefits, but chief among them may be the ability to centralize.

Networking Security

Biometrics on the Move

Biometrics on the Move

Smart cards and smartphones make play for access control

By Dave Adams

Multiple factors of authentication, including biometrics, can increase the probability that a person presenting a card to a reader is the same person who was initially issued the card.

Technology Game Changer

Technology Game-Changer

Linear tape file system revolutionizes video surveillance storage

By Paul Leury

According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion new bytes of information are created each day—that’s 1 with 18 trailing zeros. The explosion of “Big Data” has touched every industry. Video surveillance is no exception.

Boosting Legacy Infrastructure

Boosting Legacy Infrastructure

Networking will enhance capabilities for communication and monitoring functions

By Jim McLaughlin

The transition of existing physical security systems, such as fire and burglar alarm or video surveillance systems, to the next generation of technology has never been easier or more affordable than it is today.

Cameras Covering the Theatre

Cameras Covering the Theatre

Megapixel cameras provide comprehensive coverage at Montalbán facility

By Ralph C. Jensen

Located in the heart of Hollywood, Calif., The Ricardo Montalbán Foundation Theatre, named after the late actor and performing arts patron, is a venue for diverse cultural events.

Power to the People

Power to the People

How PoE applications can help future-proof customer networks

By Steven Olen

What you don’t know about PoE technology could actually be costing you business. Once you understand its broad usefulness and the numerous applications it supports, the more you realize it’s a perfect fit for an incredible number of customers and vertical markets.


New Products

  • EasyGate SPT and SPD

    EasyGate SPT SPD

    Security solutions do not have to be ordinary, let alone unattractive. Having renewed their best-selling speed gates, Cominfo has once again demonstrated their Art of Security philosophy in practice — and confirmed their position as an industry-leading manufacturers of premium speed gates and turnstiles. 3

  • Connect ONE’s powerful cloud-hosted management platform provides the means to tailor lockdowns and emergency mass notifications throughout a facility – while simultaneously alerting occupants to hazards or next steps, like evacuation.

    Connect ONE®

    Connect ONE’s powerful cloud-hosted management platform provides the means to tailor lockdowns and emergency mass notifications throughout a facility – while simultaneously alerting occupants to hazards or next steps, like evacuation. 3

  • Camden CV-7600 High Security Card Readers

    Camden CV-7600 High Security Card Readers

    Camden Door Controls has relaunched its CV-7600 card readers in response to growing market demand for a more secure alternative to standard proximity credentials that can be easily cloned. CV-7600 readers support MIFARE DESFire EV1 & EV2 encryption technology credentials, making them virtually clone-proof and highly secure. 3