Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - August 2017

August 2017

  • The First Rule, Encrypt
  • Gearing Up for the Challenge
  • Curbing the Violence
  • Implementing a Data-centric Approach
  • Securing the City


Curbing the Violence

Curbing the Violence

Violence in the workplace continues to escalate; healthcare workers at risk

By Paul Baratta

Let me let you in on a troubling, not-so-little secret: violence in the workplace is continuing to escalate in medical facilities, despite the fact that national assault rates have been dropping in recent years.

The First Rule, Encrypt

When implementing a card-based system, protect yourself

By Scott Lindley

It used to be that the most important aspect of implementing an electronic access control system was the simple control of who went where when. Today, the requirements of these sophisticated systems go beyond.

Implementing a Data-centric Approach

Reducing costs is as equally important goal in operating an enterprise

By Kim Rahfaldt

A company is much more complex than an IT department or a number of buildings. It is always evolving and adding more servers, buildings and systems, and therefore, obtaining more risk, costs and threats.

We See You

We See You

Do you know who’s lurking beyond your cameras?

By Robert Jones

The last major advancement in commercial perimeter security was the introduction of CCTV cameras.

On the Tip of their Toes

On the Tip of their Toes

Fresno PD may have technology advantage in their backyard

By Ralph C. Jensen

No matter where any given city places a video surveillance camera, there are privacy concerns. There is, however, another side to the story.

Securing the City

Securing the City

How a new generation of video analytics is empowering the next generation of superheroes

Thanks to new advancements in video analytics technology and powerful Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices; these superheroes can now be armed with new superhuman capabilities to better protect us.

Think About the Future

Think About the Future

Surveillance used to protect people, places and assets

By Rod Coles

Video is a natural choice for security because as humans, we use our eyes more than any of our other senses.

The Potential of Biometrics

The Potential of Biometrics

Understand its uses for banking customers and employees

By Bill Spence

Many financial institutions are looking to biometrics to enhance customer trust and convenience, and for securing the bank enterprise and facilities.

Gearing Up for the Challenge

Gearing Up for the Challenge

Securing and protecting one of the largest U.S. sporting complexes

By Chuck Han

While the goal of this campus was to provide a facility for athletes to compete, it was the family, friends and spectators who had a big impact on how it was designed.


Industry Professional

Metro Proof

Securing the Amsterdam Metro Underground

By John Moa

The lock system of the Amsterdam underground is quite extensive and includes 2,574 cylinders. GVB was able to find and implement a system that solved their key issues as well as environmental issues.

Industry Focus

It Matters Where Its Made

By Ralph C. Jensen

When you walk through the CyberLock facility with Tammy Davis, you truly get a sense of pride, responsibility and an amazing relationship she has developed within the community.

Industry Vertical

Being Connected

Examining why closed-network systems are not immune to cyber threats and how cloud services add layers of security to minimize risk

By Francis Lachance

The security of corporate data is critical to the integrity of operations. Yet, everywhere we turn, it seems like another company has become victim to some form of cyber threat, malware or ransomware attack.

Networking Security

Encryption to Cyber Bullying

By Ralph C. Jensen

The most pervasive cyber threat in the past 11 years has been ransomware infections. Who would have even known about something like this 30 years ago, but here we are trying with all diligence to protect folders and files, or even worse, the entire hard drive.

The Backbone

The Backbone

Security fundamentals form a line of protection

By Jeffrey Carpenter

For many years, the sage advice for cybersecurity leaders has been to take a layered approach to security, and those words have served the industry well. Unfortunately, cracks in those layers continue to leave organizations vulnerable to security attacks.

How to Respond - Encryption is used to foil decryption tools

How to Respond

Encryption is used to foil decryption tools

By Rishi Bhargava

Between 2005 and 2016, ransomware infections were more common than data breaches, making them the most pervasive cyber threat of the last 11 years. Ransomware attacks may encrypt folders and files or even the entire hard drive, or they may just lock the devices so that users cannot access them.

Protecting ATM Connections

Amid security threats, end users must consider IoT and M2M

By Julian Weinberger

With the rising popularity of the Internet accessible machines, the need to protect connections between the disparate ATMs and the banks’ processing centers became critical.


New Products

  • A8V MIND

    A8V MIND

    Hexagon’s Geosystems presents a portable version of its Accur8vision detection system. A rugged all-in-one solution, the A8V MIND (Mobile Intrusion Detection) is designed to provide flexible protection of critical outdoor infrastructure and objects. Hexagon’s Accur8vision is a volumetric detection system that employs LiDAR technology to safeguard entire areas. Whenever it detects movement in a specified zone, it automatically differentiates a threat from a nonthreat, and immediately notifies security staff if necessary. Person detection is carried out within a radius of 80 meters from this device. Connected remotely via a portable computer device, it enables remote surveillance and does not depend on security staff patrolling the area. 3

  • PE80 Series

    PE80 Series by SARGENT / ED4000/PED5000 Series by Corbin Russwin

    ASSA ABLOY, a global leader in access solutions, has announced the launch of two next generation exit devices from long-standing leaders in the premium exit device market: the PE80 Series by SARGENT and the PED4000/PED5000 Series by Corbin Russwin. These new exit devices boast industry-first features that are specifically designed to provide enhanced safety, security and convenience, setting new standards for exit solutions. The SARGENT PE80 and Corbin Russwin PED4000/PED5000 Series exit devices are engineered to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern buildings. Featuring the high strength, security and durability that ASSA ABLOY is known for, the new exit devices deliver several innovative, industry-first features in addition to elegant design finishes for every opening. 3

  • Unified VMS

    AxxonSoft introduces version 2.0 of the Axxon One VMS. The new release features integrations with various physical security systems, making Axxon One a unified VMS. Other enhancements include new AI video analytics and intelligent search functions, hardened cybersecurity, usability and performance improvements, and expanded cloud capabilities 3