Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - November December 2019

November/December 2019

  • Security Foresights for the New Year
  • The Security of Medicine
  • Looking to the Future
  • Integrated Technology Drives Security
  • Reshaping the Perimeter

Cover Story

The Security of Medicine

The Security of Medicine

Illinois medical center relies on new server solution to secure all facilities

By Ralph C. Jensen

In keeping with SwedishAmerican’s mission to deliver excellence in healthcare, they also maintain the highest level of care when it comes to keeping their patients, medical staff, and facilities safe.


More Power to You

IEEE802.3bt provides more versatility and cost efficiency

By Ronnie Pennington

Today’s professional security industry seems to have adopted the “more power” mantra by taking a much more pragmatic approach.

Reshaping the Perimeter

Developing the basics of deter, detect, delay and deny

By Craig Summers

Driven by the 2013 physical assault on a California substation, the NERC CIP 14 regulation has reshaped the way energy’s physical security directors are viewing perimeter security.

Integrated Technology Drives Security

Integrated Technology Drives Security

Honor system has evolved to fast-paced security at the front door

By Valerie Anderson

Most security professionals would agree the rapidly-evolving nature of technology can be daunting, not only for end users but also for systems integrators and consultants alike.

Envisioning What Might Be Ahead in 2020

Envisioning What Might Be Ahead in 2020

Delivering even better clarity in the camera of the future

By Fredrik Nilsson

You have probably heard the old adage, “Hindsight is always 20/20.” Looking forward though, our vision is not nearly as clear.

Security Foresights for the New Year

Security Foresights for the New Year

Data is becoming more digital and systems are becoming more integrated

By Clayton Brown

Once upon a time, this was the year when cars could fly, human immune systems healed themselves and cops could stop a crime dead in its tracks. While some of these things are still more of a dream than a reality, the last one is becoming more viable every day.

Video and IoT Megatrends to Accelerate into 2020

Video and IoT Megatrends to Accelerate into 2020

It makes sense to understand and be ready for questions and concerns that will arise

By Tom Galvin

As we wind down 2019 and look forward to a new decade, it is time to reflect upon the year and the megatrends that have started to influence video surveillance and the physical security industry.

Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future

Security tech trends to watch

By Brian Carle

Video surveillance technologies continue to evolve. Some of the fastest-growing areas include AI-based video analytics and cloudbased video access and recording.

What You Need to Know About Access Control in 2020

What You Need to Know About Access Control in 2020

Mobile credentials, adoption have been anticipated for more than a decade

By Laura Fradette

It is hard to believe that 2019 is coming to a close. As we look ahead to the New Year, sitting with colleagues, we reflected on the trends that impacted our industry in 2019, and predict what we can look forward to in 2020 and beyond.



Defining Intelligent Communication

Zenitel challenges the audio market to set an industry standard

By Sherelle Black

The way people and businesses communicate is ever evolving, and with that, so are the communication products.


Another Banner Year, More to Come

By Ralph C. Jensen

It would seem everyone has a crystal ball when it comes to forecasting the future. What I have discovered is that some crystal balls are a little more polished than others. I’m pleased to have several contributors who will give us all some incredible insight into 2020.

Networking Security

Spotting Signs Your IT is Out of Date

Focus on the four primary levels of evaluation

By Jorge Del Prado Lera

This evolution not only keeps the IT department in a constant state of change, but also dramatically changes the way the overall business must adapt to stay competitive.

Taking on Security Automation

Taking on Security Automation

Increasing risk exposure in modern software

By Felicia Haggarty

Not only does modern software architecture create a broader attack surface area, the accelerated DevOps methodology makes it harder to detect and remediate vulnerabilities.


New Products

  • AC Nio

    AC Nio

    Aiphone, a leading international manufacturer of intercom, access control, and emergency communication products, has introduced the AC Nio, its access control management software, an important addition to its new line of access control solutions. 3

  • FEP GameChanger

    FEP GameChanger

    Paige Datacom Solutions Introduces Important and Innovative Cabling Products GameChanger Cable, a proven and patented solution that significantly exceeds the reach of traditional category cable will now have a FEP/FEP construction. 3

  • Compact IP Video Intercom

    Viking’s X-205 Series of intercoms provide HD IP video and two-way voice communication - all wrapped up in an attractive compact chassis. 3