Safran Group Completes L-1 Acquisition

Safran Group, the parent company of Morpho and MorphoTrak, has completed the acquisition of L-1 Identity Solutions. Safran shares L-1's core business mission of ensuring the protection and security of personal identities, assets and rights. This acquisition includes all divisions of L-1: biometrics, enterprise access, secure credentialing and enrollment services.

The technologies offered by L-1 Identity Solutions and Morpho will be preserved and enhanced. The combined companies will offer a larger range of products and services, since offerings from both Morpho and L-1 will be available together for the first time. This includes the development of new combined packages with "best-in-class" components. The combined companies' expanded customer base is highly complementary and, in some cases, overlapping.

Some of former L-1 corporate entities in the U.S. will operate under a Proxy Agreement, an arrangement developed cooperatively with the U.S. government, to rule how these entities will work within an international company such as Morpho. L-1 corporate units outside the U.S. Proxy will join MorphoTrak or Morpho international.

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