SFO Airport Expands Airport Identity Management Solution with New Applications from Quantum Secure

Quantum Secure announces that the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has selected the company's SAFE for Aviation solution, further expanding Quantum Secure's footprint in upgrading, managing and automating key critical security areas within the Airport. Since the deployment of the SAFE Airport Identity & Credential Management System in 2010, SFO has simplified the management of their entire badging process by automating manual processes related to background checks, access credential issuance, physical access privilege assignment/termination and management of TSA-mandated audit and compliance regulations.

Henry Thompson, the Associate Deputy Airport Director of Safety and Security at San Francisco Airport, had a mandate to overhaul the security infrastructure of the facility, tightening loopholes for employee and passenger security, airside operations, badge credentialing, physical identity and access management, as well as investing in technology, automation, and intelligence to create a next-generation model airport.

Some of the applications SFO Airport plans to deploy in 2014 are the following Aviation-related SAFE modules:

  • Privilege Management Application provides the ability to define credential types and associate these credentials with necessary Privileges & Security checks needs, including the lifecycle management of these relationships.
  • Financial Management Application allows the airport to manage the financial related transactions for contractors, third parties and other operators.
  • Integrated Watch List Management Application allows the user to manage the internal / external watch lists and update the TSA No-fly selectee list to search for a possible match and highlight the same during the enrollment process.
  • Aviation Mobile Infraction Management gives complete capability to the user to perform tasks and take actions on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Aviation Visitor Management to manage the complete lifecycle of the visitors, including creation of an audit trail of visits and visitors checking in and fingerprinting schedule management for authorized signatories.

"With the evolving TSA and industry regulations, there is a continued tightening of Airport security and credentialing operations, as well as a greater need for identity level accountability. Quantum Secure has the solution for airports' continually evolving security needs," said Ajay Jain, President and CEO of Quantum Secure. "SAFE for Aviation Suite is the ideal solution for airports of all sizes looking to streamline their security and credentialing operations, ensure compliance with the latest TSA regulations, and future-proof their physical security infrastructure – all while realizing incredible cost reductions."

SAFE for Aviation comes with pre-defined policies, workflows and procedures for issuing badge credentials, granting/revoking access to airport facilities while simplifying adherence to TSA and FAA regulations, audits and security directives, minimizing insider threats and promoting greater operational security. It automates processes for conducting background checks for new airport workers, obtaining security clearances for access to secured locations from the governing bodies like the TSA, creating flexible self-service access rights to allow approved parties to enroll their own employees and subcontractors, and grant them physical access rights while complying with and enforcing security directives.

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