Tyco Security Products Highlights Intelligent Solutions, Connectivity at ISC West 2015

Tyco Security Products, part of Tyco, the world's largest pure-play fire protection and security company, will be featuring an expanding portfolio of solutions for residential and commercial customers at ISC West 2015, April 15-17 in Booth 20011. The complement is centered on providing intelligent solutions and services that connect and leverage a customer's enterprise – no matter the size — and providing them with actionable information for response to the most demanding of security situations.

"Whether it's a home or a large organization, the demand for connectivity of sensors and systems within a customer environment is an undeniable trend," said Anita Santos, Vice President, Marketing, Tyco Security Products. "Our unique ability to analyze the data and provide actionable intelligence to our customers — at nearly any level — is part of the innovation and leadership that Tyco Security Products brings to the market today."

Perhaps nowhere is that trend presently more dynamic than in the residential environment with the connected home. The DSC Connected Home display at Booth 22025, is highlighting developments in this market segment, beginning with the new DSCTouch panel, the result of Tyco Security Products' collaboration with Qolsys. DSCTouch is a smart all-in-one panel, complete with a 7-inch touchscreen, Android-based software and Bluetooth enabled technology. The Connected Home display will demonstrate how homeowners can manage peripherals such as window blinds, lamps, detectors and fireplaces, from one security interface. Also on display is the PowerSeries Neo platform powered by Alarm.com and the DSC IMPASSA security system with interactive service provider Telguard.

Commercial and enterprise customers also have a growing array of surveillance solutions from the Tyco Security Products video portfolio. The newly expanded Illustra family of IP cameras offers a technologically advanced yet cost-effective range of options, including the Illustra Edge, an intelligent suite of IP cameras that puts the power of Exacq's industry leading video management software directly in the camera for a complete IP video solution.

Surveillint Essentials from Proximex consolidates operational control of multiple security systems into a single graphical user interface. Unlike most PSIMs in the industry which can be overly complicated, this new solution allows security operators to intuitively manage alarms generated by connected systems, view the locations of alarms on maps, click camera icons to see live and recorded video, and send commands directly through the user interface.

In addition to these three headline solutions, Tyco Security Products will be demonstrating a full suite of new products including:

American Dynamics VideoEdge NVR v4.6 which has the unique ability to pool NVRs and provide up to 84 dynamic H.264 video streams per NVR cluster without the need for any dedicated transcoding server.

CEM AC2000 WEB which makes it easier to securely access key AC2000 access control functionality anywhere through a web browser.

The Infant Protection Solution from Elpas —the Elpas Mother Bracelet which is a wearable electronic bracelet designed to ensure the accuracy and safety of mother-baby pairings.

exacqVision VMS v6.8 which features faster camera discovery and VideoPush to mobile devices to provide a complete HD video solution for a diverse set of surveillance needs.

The new Kantech KT-1 Ethernet one door controller which is a cost effective, yet feature rich controller that was designed with installers in mind.

Software House C•CURE 9000 v2.4 which introduces new visitor management functionality, area pass-through, and building automation monitoring capabilities.

The Sur-Gard SG-System 5 virtual receiver which features visual verification support to significantly reduce incremental costs incurred by false alarms, compatible with the DSC PowerSeries Neo platform.

For more information on the full Tyco Security Products portfolio, please visit Booth 20011.


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