Cleveland Prepares for Riots at Republican Convention

Cleveland Prepares for Riots at Republican Convention

Cleveland is spending $20 million in federal money on riot and security gear for the Republican Convention.

A Look into the World of Body Armor

A Look into the World of Body Armor

Ensuring your own safety is the most important aspect of working in Security. Body armor and other forms of protective clothing are vital pieces of equipment, and all Security Operatives (SOs) should be aware of their benefits.

One Key Figure Dead in the Arrest of Oregon Protesters

One Key Figure Dead in the Arrest of Oregon Protesters

Protesters who’ve occupied a federal building in Oregon have been arrested.

Partnership Delivers Unique Video Recording and Storage Solution

New Samsung WiseNet Camera App records directly to disk.

This Year’s Hottest Gift Banned from Airlines

This Year's Hottest Gift Banned from Airlines

Nearly every major U.S. carrier won’t let you board with a hoverboard in tow.

Perfect Foresight - Making hazardous chemical safety procedures a priority

Perfect Foresight

In the weeks following the massive explosion at a warehouse owned by Ruihai International Logistics in the Chinese port of Tianjin, investigators are getting a better idea of what led to the disaster that killed 173 people—104 of whom were firefighters—and injured hundreds more.

Managing Risks - Security efforts are now defined to protect critical infrastructure

Managing Risks

Traditionally, electrical substation security was aimed only at preventing access to stop vandalism and improve safety. Today, however, security efforts have been redefined to address new threats in order to protect critical infrastructure.

STANLEY Security and I-View Announce Partnership

STANLEY Security and I-View announce their partnership for live, actionable verified alarm response system.

Sound the Alarm

Sound the Alarm

To support safety and notify personnel in the case of an emergency, Peru LNG’s needed a general alarm and mass notification system (MNS).

Trusted Resources Promote Safe, Secure Environments

Online Exclusive: Trusted Resources Promote Safe, Secure Environments

Mitigate insider threat and improve perimeter security and personnel assurance to ensure only trusted resources have access.

Genetec Helps Electric Co-op in Texas Secure Widespread Operations

Addressing changing federal compliance mandates, South Plains Electric Cooperative chooses to centrally manage security for its 32 substations.

Connecting Disparate Systems

NERC compliance requirements in the utilities industry have made it essential to monitor and report on physical access to various facilities, control rooms, substations and critical assets.

Perimeter Benefits - The world of physical security has changed in response to the pervasive threat of terrorism around the globe.

Perimeter Benefits

Most everyone is aware that crash-rated, anti-terrorist vehicle access control barriers, barricades, bollards and gates are standard security tools at government facilities, from embassies to courthouses and capitols to a host of other locales.

Bus Lanes Get a Makeover - The Rapid riders will have access to First Responders

Bus Lanes Get a Makeover

The Rapid bus system in Grand Rapids, Mich. has had its share of heated debates over the past several years, with detractors bemoaning its lack of use and proponents promising major economic benefits with expansion.

Protection Beyond Fences - Early warning detection and identification of threats inside and outside the fence line

Protection Beyond Fences

Recent terrorist attacks on substations and the potential for simultaneous attacks across the United States put the entire country at serious risk for major power interruption.

National Grid Meets NERC CIP and TWIC

National Grid Meets NERC CIP and TWIC

Having numerous and diverse facilities to secure, National Grid needed a higher level of security to insure its vast infrastructure of buildings were protected

Substation Security Challenges

Substation Security Challenges

While the threat of terrorist activity to disrupt the nation’s power grid remains ever-present, other hazards such as theft and vandalism are more common and represent an immediate challenge.

The Largest Mass Transit Deployment

Helping the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) reduce violent crime and robberies by up to 35 percent was a mission Sentry 360 relished. Providing their Ultra HD surveillance cameras and systems, the Plainfield, Ill., camera manufacturer was involved in the largest 360-degree install in mass transit history.

Securitron EcoPower Power Supply Achieves Energy Savings

GreenCircle certified for up to 99% energy savings versus traditional power supplies.

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