Security Products Magazine Digital Edition - April 2015

April 2015

  • Giving Analog the Boost
  • Live Longer
  • From Fences and Bollards
  • Time to Take Advantage
  • Ready, Set, Cable
  • It's Time to Think Mobile


Hospital Complex Cultivates Healthy Fire Protection

Hospital Complex Cultivates Healthy Fire Protection

St. Peter’s Hospital gets fire alarm upgrade

By Beth Welch

A decade ago, St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, N.Y., started a $259 million campus-wide modernization project.

Live Longer

Live Longer

Using 4.9GHz is protected by the FCC for public safety use

By Michael Derby

Americans want to be safe and the FCC is helping. The FCC reserves valuable radio frequencies for public safety authorities that can be used for Ultra-Reliable wireless video surveillance.

Time to Take Advantage

Time to Take Advantage

End users should think about the benefits of intelligent cloud-based visitor management

By Ajay Jain

For every organization, one of the first steps in providing safety and security is knowing at all times who is in the building. This is true for protecting people, property, or assets, and whether the building is a business, school, hospital or any other location.

New Yorkers on the Move

New Yorkers on the Move

Custom IDs help improve security at parking garages

By Monique Merhige

Valet Anywhere provides on demand valet services throughout the New York City area for New Yorkers who are on the move. The company provides secure car parking in various NYC parking garages.

Ready, Set, Cable

Ready, Set, Cable

NYC Marathon chose TBus IP transmission

By Guy Apple

The 2014 TCS New York City Marathon was first held in 1970 by the New York Road Runners Club (NYRR) with just 127 competitors running loops around Central Park.

A Taste of Innovation

A Taste of Innovation

Up-to-date technology provides high-level security for Crider Foods

By Mitchell Kane

After completion of the canning plant, Crider needed an effective way to provide security for its large production and processing facilities.

From Fences and Bollards

From Fences and Bollards

The stand-off threat detection: The evolving face of perimeter security

By Andrew Goldsmith

In the United States alone, there are around 230 military bases and globally, more than 700 U.S. installations—collectively amounting to more than 1.38 million troops that live and/or work on base.

Its Time to Think Mobile

Its Time to Think Mobile

Device security is key to ensuring safety of critical business networks and data

By Vinson McCray

Today, it is not uncommon to see business conducted beyond the walls of an office building. In fact, many employees are escaping the confines of their cubes by using smartphones, tablets and other devices as their primary business communication tools.

Giving Analog the Boot

Giving Analog the Boot

Native American casino invests heavily in updated technology

By Andrew Elvish

In an environment such as a casino where the gaming floor is encompassed by masses of people, where the vulnerability of fraud is high, and where massive cash exchanges need to be under constant scrutiny, a major security system overhaul is a decision that is not made swiftly, nor taken lightly.


Multiple Options for Demanding Applications

Multiple Options for Demanding Applications

Planning ahead can prevent harm to people and the bottom line

By Robert Laughlin

Advances in communication technology are opening doors in the field of access control locks.

All in a Day’s Work

All in a Day’s Work

By Ralph C. Jensen

Many years ago, when I decided to become a journalist, I started cutting my teeth by writing sports. I was pretty young at the time, and I enjoyed a variety of sports. It was a perfect training ground for me.

Dealer Strategies

Condensation Reduction

Security camera report: Protective vents vs. desiccants

By Boris Su

When condensation forms inside a security camera, it can blur lenses and compromise image quality. Condensation that remains within the enclosure can also corrode electronics, causing premature failure of the camera.

Peace of Mind

Security takes the same approach at every level

By Arlin Owsley

Monitored security hasn’t always been a luxury afforded to every home in North America, but similar to the advancement of telecommunications technology, this one time luxury has now become common place.

The Right Recipe

The Right Recipe

Training and support creates effective monitoring

By Robert Ogle

If there’s any doubt about the value of live monitoring as part of an effective home security system, consider a self-monitored system that sends an alert only to the homeowner.

Understanding Carbon Monoxide Laws Codes and Standards

Understanding Carbon Monoxide Laws Codes and Standards

Choosing the right products to effectively serve the needs of the client

By Ginger Hill

In the United States alone, this invisible intruder, carbon monoxide (CO), is responsible for sending thousands of people to the emergency room each year with CO poisoning, some resulting in death.

Alarm - Monitoring from the end user perspective


Monitoring from the end user perspective

By Charlie Howell

We all look at monitoring from a different perspective. The consultant looks at it from a cost benefit analysis standpoint to represent the client’s best interest.

Selecting a Central Station - Infrastructure is a consideration in making choices

Selecting a Central Station

Infrastructure is a consideration in making choices

By Kevin Lehan

Independent alarm dealers have much at stake when choosing a central station that will enable them to compete with the industry’s largest companies.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

How it works around the home

By Keith Jentoft

Market pressures continue to squeeze the residential alarm business with attrition and alternative solutions.

Everyone Wants RMR

Here are suggestions on how to build revenue on a long-term basis

By Bill Hobbs

As the physical security industry continues to mature, integrators must confront a new landscape as they try to make themselves more relevant to the end user.


It's All about Protection

By Ralph C. Jensen

Protection 1 is more like a giant family than a corporation.

Campus Security & Life Safety

On Cloud 9 - Campuses need effective security equipment

On Cloud 9

Campuses need effective security equipment

By Ralph C. Jensen

Perhaps more than any other time in history, school campuses need effective security equipment and tools not only to ensure the physical safety of students, teachers, staff and administration but also to create a safe environment where effective learning takes place as well as manage expensive assets, such as computer equipment, from theft or damage.

The Heart of the Campus

University of Massachusetts Boston deploys 180-degree cameras to better protect its Campus Center

By Steve Gorski

With a strong reputation for innovative research addressing complex urban issues, the University of Massachusetts Boston offers its diverse, 17,000-student population both an intimate learning environment and the rich experience of a great American city.

Lockdown Alert

Lockdown Alert

School officials want students and staff to feel safe

By Karen Evans

All schools in North Carolina have been mandated to successfully install and deploy a panic- lockdown button that links to law enforcement.

Surveillance Success

Surveillance Success

Ottawa University teams up on IP video solution

By Keith Harris

Ottawa University, in Ottawa, Kansas, has a rich heritage. Since 1865, the university has educated its students. Many people rely on Ottawa University to help them achieve a lifetime of personal growth and significance.

Improving Campus Safety

Improving Campus Safety

New York medical facility replaces analog system

By Courtney Dillon Pedersen

Covering an entire city block, one of the busiest medical facilities in New York City has more than 600 beds and thousands of doctors, patients, staff and visitors every day.

Access Control Meets Campus Safety

Access Control Meets Campus Safety

University of Alaska Anchorage upgrades campus safety with new software

By Angelo Faenza

Faced with an aging housing access control system, the University of Alaska Anchorage was in need of a reliable system capable of integrating with its existing residential operations management software.

Stopping Any Threats

Stopping Any Threats

Eastern Suffolk BOCES improves access control system

By Ralph C. Jensen

Tragedy at one school seems to jump start improved security at another. Such is the case for the Eastern Suffolk BOCES , an educational cooperative of 51 Long Island, New York school districts, providing educational leadership, direct instruction, management, and support through quality, cost-effective instructional programs and shared services.

Seeking Surveillance

California water company adds 24/7 surveillance with new cameras

By Ralph C. Jensen

Protecting critical infrastructure is essential to ensure public safety and the preservation of life, property and assets.


New Products

  • FEP GameChanger

    FEP GameChanger

    Paige Datacom Solutions Introduces Important and Innovative Cabling Products GameChanger Cable, a proven and patented solution that significantly exceeds the reach of traditional category cable will now have a FEP/FEP construction. 3

  • PE80 Series

    PE80 Series by SARGENT / ED4000/PED5000 Series by Corbin Russwin

    ASSA ABLOY, a global leader in access solutions, has announced the launch of two next generation exit devices from long-standing leaders in the premium exit device market: the PE80 Series by SARGENT and the PED4000/PED5000 Series by Corbin Russwin. These new exit devices boast industry-first features that are specifically designed to provide enhanced safety, security and convenience, setting new standards for exit solutions. The SARGENT PE80 and Corbin Russwin PED4000/PED5000 Series exit devices are engineered to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern buildings. Featuring the high strength, security and durability that ASSA ABLOY is known for, the new exit devices deliver several innovative, industry-first features in addition to elegant design finishes for every opening. 3

  • ResponderLink


    Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), an company and a global leader in gunshot detection solutions, has introduced ResponderLink, a groundbreaking new 911 notification service for gunshot events. ResponderLink completes the circle from detection to 911 notification to first responder awareness, giving law enforcement enhanced situational intelligence they urgently need to save lives. Integrating SDS’s proven gunshot detection system with Noonlight’s SendPolice platform, ResponderLink is the first solution to automatically deliver real-time gunshot detection data to 911 call centers and first responders. When shots are detected, the 911 dispatching center, also known as the Public Safety Answering Point or PSAP, is contacted based on the gunfire location, enabling faster initiation of life-saving emergency protocols. 3