Security Today Magazine Digital Edition - May 2018

May 2018

  • Solid on the Ground
  • A Good Endpoint
  • Beyond the Basics
  • Automated Critical Security
  • Adapting to Complex Demands


Adapting to Complex Demands

Adapting to Complex Demands

Business security is expanding and there are increasingly more connections to secure

By Peter Boriskin

The true promise of the Internet of Things in the physical security space is that connected, network-enabled products will simplify both life and work, make companies more profitable, and provide better solutions than could be achieved through non-IoT products.

Solid on the Ground

Solid on the Ground

Engineers collaborate on access control ideas to keep the gates open

By Ralph C. Jensen

Talk about intensity, Aeroturn engineers have found a new passion for developing turnstiles. In fact, they treat everything they do as if it is the only thing they do.

Creating an Effective Solution

Creating an Effective Solution

Cameras help address an invasive species epidemic

By Jennifer Hackenburg

These days you hear a lot about the use of surveillance equipment is all avenues of life from banks to airports to your front porch, but a significant area that can often be overlooked is the agricultural, livestock and wildlife industry.

Automated Critical Security

Automated Critical Security

Trusted ID solutions will make smart buildings safer

By Mark Robinton

Thousands of people pour into and out of high-rise office buildings each day, and each must be kept safe and secure.

Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics

Understanding the analytics behind the networked security camera

By Paul Kong

A security camera is much more than a security camera when it’s part of an analytics infrastructure that serves completely new goals, advancing the organization and management of businesses and even entire cities.

The Problem Persists

The Problem Persists

Throwing new hardware at your security system may not solve the problem

By Vincent DeMaio

While the security industry is being sold on UPS battery back-ups that come with “power conditioning” built in, the reality is that over 90 percent of these battery back-ups only offer surge suppression and surge suppressors that solely protect against large power fluctuations, such as lightning, which only account for two percent of failures.

The Evolution of Intercom

Cover Story

The Evolution of Intercom

By Ralph C. Jensen

In 1970, intercoms were all about convenience. They made it easy for secretaries to communicate with their boss and for company employees to connect between offices within the same building.

A Good Endpoint

Visibility is a good way to start to achieve success in the age of IoT

By Richard Henderson

Most of the malicious or criminal activity targeting today’s enterprises involves the endpoint. Insecure endpoints are an expensive risk and difficult to address.


Web Giants Driving Violence

By Ralph C. Jensen

I stand firmly behind the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Those persons wanting to rewrite this document would first have to prove to me that they have more wisdom and knowledge than the Founding Fathers before this is repealed.

Industry Professional

Integrating Law Enforcement into Security

By Ralph C. Jensen

Longtime law enforcement professional Gawain Guedry has joined Total Recall Corporation as a senior account executive representing the Western Region of the United States. Based in Las Vegas,

Dealer Strategies

GSOCs And Artificial Intelligence Give Businesses A Predictive Edge In Identitying Threats

GSOCs And Artificial Intelligence Give Businesses A Predictive Edge In Identifying Threats

By Ralph C. Jensen

There are a lot of amazing things to say and write about Allied Universal. For starters, these security professionals are headlong into predictive analytics, and WOW, what a difference it makes in providing security services to the customer.

On The Job

How new devices are helping security network installers get on and off job sites faster

By Dennis Troxel

The adoption of IP-based video surveillance cameras is driving the growth of the overall video surveillance market.

Rolling Video Showcases

Rolling Video Showcases

Locks Plus outfits mobile fleet with AXIS Companion to deliver surveillance demos to customers’ doors

By Larry Chay

Locks Plus Security Solutions, based in southern Florida, was founded in 2002 as a traditional locksmith company.

Government Security

Leading the Way

Technology is promoting a safer and more secure society

By Peter Jones

With society facing new challenges, such as the changing nature of crime and pressure on police time, our cities are being forced to update their security responses to ensure they remain safe.

Intelligence Driven

Intelligence Driven

Don’t be caught by surprise in your security operations

By John Goolgasian

Whether you’re a government, corporate or nonprofit organization the enemy of security operation is surprise. Surprise causes losses: losses in revenue, losses in operational agility and even loss of life.

Safer Cities

Safer Cities

Sinaloa, Mexico sees connected cities as the proper alternative

By Margie Gurwin

In Sinaloa, Mexico, the state’s government views enhancing public safety and security as priority number one. Sinaloa’s climate and terrain are perfect for supporting its booming agricultural and industrial economy, and this prosperity is dependent on effective law enforcement efforts that combat the influence of powerful drug cartels entrenched within the region.

Smartphone Popularity

Government credentials finding a new home on the smartphone

By Scott Lindley

Smartphones fulfill many needs, including telephone, camera, navigation, music, video, clock, news, calculator, email, internet, gaming, contacts, and more.

Security on a Grand Scale

By Ralph C. Jensen

When we talk about government security, the first thoughts are of the federal government. It is true that the federal government is bloated and somewhat mismanaged, but let’s talk about security on the grander scale; safe cities and even safer schools.

Forensic Analysis and Security

Forensic Analysis and Security

As IoT gains momentum among consumers, you need to know what the implications are for government security

By Christa Miller

Connected or smart devices in or on buildings, vehicles, and even people include software, mobile apps, sensors, and network connectivity used to collect and exchange data.

New Products

  • XS4 Original+

    XS4 Original+

    The SALTO XS4 Original+ design is based on the same proven housing and mechanical mechanisms of the XS4 Original. The XS4 Original+, however, is embedded with SALTO’s BLUEnet real-time functionality and SVN-Flex capability that enables SALTO stand-alone smart XS4 Original+ locks to update user credentials directly at the door. Compatible with the array of SALTO platform solutions including SALTO Space data-on-card, SALTO KS Keys as a Service cloud-based access solution, and SALTO’s JustIn Mobile technology for digital keys. The XS4 Original+ also includes RFID Mifare DESFire, Bluetooth LE and NFC technology functionality. 3

  • Kangaroo Home Security System

    Kangaroo Home Security System

    Kangaroo is the affordable, easy-to-install home security system designed for anyone who wants an added layer of peace of mind and protection. It has several products, ranging from the fan-favorite Doorbell Camera + Chime, to the more comprehensive Front Door Security Kit with Professional Monitoring. Regardless of the level of desired security, Kangaroo’s designed to move with consumers - wherever that next chapter may be. Motion sensors, keypads and additional features can be part of the package to any Kangaroo system in place, anytime. Additionally, Kangaroo offers scalable protection plans with a variety of benefits ranging from 24/7 professional monitoring to expanded cloud storage, coverage for damage and theft. 3

  • Dinkle DKU Barrier Terminal Blocks

    Dinkle DKU Barrier Terminal Blocks

    New DKU screw type terminal blocks use a spring-guided system where the screws are integrated and captive within the terminal enclosure. These screws can be backed out so that ring- or U-shaped cable lugs can be inserted, without the possibility of losing the screw. 3