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ISCON Imaging Highlights Applicability in New Markets and Applications at ASIS 2015

Demand for company's technologies grows in the border security, military, government, transportation and event environments.

Tascent Emerges with $18.5 Million in Series A Funding to Expand Global Biometric Identity Presence

To develop new high-throughput iris recognition and mobile biometric identity solutions.

Nortek Security & Control Now Offering Numera Libris through A.P.I. Monitoring and Security Central

Feature-rich device designed for instant, hands-free communication with monitoring services.

Mission 500 and COPS Monitoring Team Up to Provide School Supplies

Approximately 700 children from Title 1 elementary school in Boyton Beach received supplies.

Easy Access Distribution Hosts 16th Annual Technology REVOLUTION Expo

Dedicated experience rooms will host ongoing demonstrations.

A Special Thank You

First Annual Security Softball Game creates another great security industry story of many coming together to support a worthy cause.

The Magnetic Center

The Magnetic Center

Success found by taking ideas that seemed like sound concepts and putt them into practice in a scalable way.

Who Does Your Engineering?

Security systems today are getting more sophisticated to some, and less to others.

Proper Use

No one can argue that IP video surveillance cameras surpass their analog predecessors thanks to the higher resolution and vastly improved quality images.

Back to Work

Phil Lake doesn’t have to work. He retired only to find himself back behind the desk running an integration company in Austin, Texas. His retirement, I guess, is working some more.

Private and Secure

Private and Secure

The management needed to make sure the residents in their care were safe and secure in their rooms and within the facility itself. With an on-site pharmacy, securing and monitoring certain areas was also a priority.

Industry Focus

Security Begins at Home

The majority of our editorial efforts focus on commercial and industrial security.

Working Retirement

Most people, when they retire from a lifetime of hard work, pursue several adventures they have been dreaming about for years.

Self-install with professional monitoring

One Touch Alarm

All too often, the emphasis and focus in the security industry is on new products, new applications or new technologies.

Boosting Response Time

It was important that all EMT workers wore the proper identification to help keep them safe and secure on the job, and allow hospitals and other facilities to recognize them quickly.

Analysis Turns Physical Security into Customer Service

Analysis Turns Physical Security into Customer Service

In recent years, customer service has become a new frontier for marketing and brand building.

A Competitive Boost

Intense competition is certainly nothing new in the security industry, but the past couple of years have taken things to an entirely new level.

Delivering Tangible ROI

Delivering Tangible ROI

Boston-based biotechnology company Genzyme is an organization dedicated to the research of rare genetic-related diseases.

Milestone Enables Video to Boldly Go Where No Video has Gone Before

Milestone Systems has released Device Pack 8.1 for partners and customers using Milestone XProtect monitoring solutions.

Sound the Alarm

Sound the Alarm

To support safety and notify personnel in the case of an emergency, Peru LNG’s needed a general alarm and mass notification system (MNS).

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