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DOJ to Give 50 Police Departments Grants for Body Cameras

DOJ to Give 50 Police Departments Grants for Body Cameras

Loretta Lynch has announced a new body camera pilot program.

Police Say Dash Cams Don’t Show S.C. Shooting

Police Say Dash Cams Don't Show S.C. Shooting

According to authorities, the shooting of an unarmed black man was not capture by the dashboard camera.

FIBARO Sends Z-Wave Smart Home Control to Top of the World

Veteran climber will brave Mt. Everest to turn on lights, operate locks, and open garage doors to prove the reliability of devices from anywhere.

Monitronics Honored with Fifth Frost & Sullivan Award

For best practices in growth, innovation and leadership in the home security industry.

Monitronics Wins Four 2015 Bronze Stevie Awards

Represents the world's top honors for customer service, contact centers, business development and sales professionals.

Honeywell Launches Entry-level PIR

False alarm-reducing sensor combines value with high performance for residential installations.

A City Wide Approach to Security - San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Agency unifies security in new command center

A City Wide Approach to Security

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) was in need of a solution to maximize the use of their CCTV cameras deployed in the transit system, including the buses, trains and subways.

Kimberlite Aids Police in Most Apprehensions in 2014

Fresno-based monitoring station maximizes community resources, combats false alarms at more than double efficiency of national average.

Gunman Kills Eight in Czech Shooting

Gunman Kills Eight in Czech Shooting

A gunman opened fire at a restaurant in the Czech Republic, killing eight people before fatally shooting himself

Property Crime Down

If cyber crime and identity theft isn't taken into consideration.

Samsung SmartTVs May Record Conversations

Samsung SmartTVs May Record Conversations

A line in the privacy policy states the television may record conversation and send it to a third party.

All New iBridge Messenger SMS & MMS Multimedia Notification Service

Complementary add-on and extension for dealers transition into the smart home market.

Honeywell Introduces Multilingual iOS Demo Apps for Lynx Touch Systems

Seamlessly translates between English, Spanish and French.

A Comprehensive Solution - The importance of having a reliable video surveillance strategy at a marathon

Industry Vertical

A Comprehensive Solution

The New York City marathon is hosted the first week of November with more than 2 million spectators, 50,000 runners, and thousands of staff and volunteers. When it came time to planning the logistics for a successful event for the world’s largest marathon, safety and preventive actions were the most important criteria.

Hacker Startles Nanny via Baby Monitor with Camera

Hacker Startles Nanny via Baby Monitor with Camera

Three strategies to keep you and your children safe from the prying eyes and ears of hackers.

Security Video Shows UPS Driver Throwing Box, Urinating on House

Security Video Shows UPS Driver Throwing Box, Urinating on House

A seasonal UPS driver in Houston was fired after getting caught on security footage.

NorthStar Alarm Becomes First Honeywell Dealer to Provide the New Lyric Home Security Line

Lyric line features awareness cameras, motion and smoke and intruder detectors that integrate with other home automation products, such as the smart thermostat.

A Tweeter Invades College Coach

A Tweeter Invades College Coach's Privacy

Coach Sumlin of Texas A&M teaches college student the ultimate lesson about respecting the privacy of others.


Honeywell's Lyric Makes CES Debut

New way for families to stay in control of their home comfort and security while at home or away.

home security tips for new years travels

Home Security Tips for New Years Travels

Top 5 tips to help keep your abode safe and security while you're away ringing in the New Year!

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