Security Products Magazine June 2013 Digital Edition

July 2013

  • THERMAL IMAGING - The Heat is On
  • TRANSPORTATION SECURITY - Meeting the Challenge
  • MARITIME SECURITY - To Store and Protect


Meeting the challenge

Meeting The Challenge

Surveillance technology evolves in today's expansive public transportation system

By Greg Peratt

After 9/11 and the recent bombings in Boston, the issue of security has become an increasingly pressing matter across the country

LAX gets it

LAX Gets It

New stakeholders take surveillance technology to new heights

By Anthony Incorvati

According to LAX, the airport is undergoing a $4.11 billion capital improvement program that covers everything from new high-tech gates to receive latestgeneration aircraft to upgraded retail and restaurant outlets. Enhanced security is a major part of this investment.

Intelligent Protection - The next generation of Intermodal security

Intelligent Protection

The next generation of intermodal security

By Rebecca Ufkes

Cargo theft is the costliest crime in America, reporting an estimated $25 billion in merchandise stolen, with incidents on the rise, according to the International Cargo Security Council.

The Heat is On

The Heat Is On

For buyers and sellers, thermal sensors see beyond night vision

By Christopher Lindenau

As police surrounded the suspected Boston bomber hiding inside a boat stored behind a Watertown, Mass., home last April, officers with a thermal camera peered through the hull and tarp to watch his every move.

To Store and Protect

Today’s video surveillance solutions enable greater flexibility, functionality

By Olivier Thierry

IP surveillance allows port officers access to relevant information from anywhere at any time, and delivers automatic incident alerts and alarms to reduce incident response times.

Strength in the alternative

Strength in the Alternative

What you need to be successful with best-of-breed solutions

By Sarah Colson

When it comes to choosing the best digital security and surveillance solution, there is a lot of confusion around bestof- breed solutions compared to commercial off-the-shelf or turnkey solutions.

Stop theft in its tracks

Stop Theft in its Tracks

Being an innovator means using pristine technology

By Per Hanssen

You don’t produce 170 million barrels of oil in a single year without being an innovator. That’s exactly what EOG Resources Inc. is—an innovator and a game changer.


Droning On

By Ralph C. Jensen

Curious by nature, I’ve wondered about lots of things, and later in life, I wonder about the necessity and effectiveness of unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, as a tool for security.

Lets Shake On It

Partnerships and networking key components of ASIS 2013

By Rebecca Overton

Hardly a day goes by without hearing someone extol the virtue of partnerships. In a global environment, partnerships often provide the resources to start the wheels of a project turning and keep it rolling to the finish line.

Real-time Intelligence, Real-world Results

Video analytics helps protect headquarters of logistics provider from theft, vandalism

By Ed Wassall

To reduce the emerging problems with vandalism and theft, Marine Container’s management team knew they needed to monitor access to its facilities and property. With a 130,000-squarefoot warehouse and six acres to monitor, this was no small feat.

Campus Security & Life Safety

Cheating Wars in the Classroom

Cheating Wars in the Classroom

By Scott N. Schober

High tech may give students unfair advantage.

Intrusion Detection

By Joey Rao Russell

Audio security technology monitors in real time.

Safeguarding the Future

University of Kentucky rethinks security while revamping its campus

By Bill Jacobs

Universities face innumerable threats, the complexity of which increases with each violent incident like the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School or the bombings during this year’s Boston Marathon.

Printers increasing security

Printers Increasing Security

Ohio schools bring security innovations to students and teachers

By Eric Widlitz

DPS had a few sporadic ID system capabilities throughout the district; however, this made it difficult to implement standard process improvements that would speed up the creation of new IDs at the beginning of each school year.

Staffing Issues

Staffing Issues

Remotely-delivered security solutions help academia keep an eye on security

By Sam Docknevich

Security has never been more important to organizations of all sizes and industries across the United States.

more access control

More Access Control

As school districts and parents are searching for increased comprehensive security measures for their schools, there are some basics that every school or college security administrator needs to know about access control.

By April Noblitt

In today’s more dangerous world, electronic access control assuredly provides a heightened solution to mechanical locks.

School security gets smarter

School Security Gets Smarter

Making sure you have the right security in place

By Steve Surfaro

From program management to application and deployment, security practitioners from schools, corporations and government agencies are asking: Do we have enough security?


New Products

  • Connect ONE’s powerful cloud-hosted management platform provides the means to tailor lockdowns and emergency mass notifications throughout a facility – while simultaneously alerting occupants to hazards or next steps, like evacuation.

    Connect ONE®

    Connect ONE’s powerful cloud-hosted management platform provides the means to tailor lockdowns and emergency mass notifications throughout a facility – while simultaneously alerting occupants to hazards or next steps, like evacuation. 3

  • Camden Door Controls ‘SER” Surface Boxes and Extension Rings

    Camden Door Controls ‘SER” Surface Boxes and Extension Rings

    Camden Door Controls has introduced new ‘SER” surface boxes and extension rings that provide a complete solution for new construction. In addition, they provide a simple and robust solution when replacing round wired and manual push plate switches with either Camden’s wired or wireless SureWave™ no-touch switches or Kinetic™ no-battery wireless switches. 3

  • QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC)

    The latest Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence Platform offers next-generation smart camera IoT solutions to improve safety and security across enterprises, cities and spaces. The Vision Intelligence Platform was expanded in March 2022 with the introduction of the QCS7230 System-on-Chip (SoC), which delivers superior artificial intelligence (AI) inferencing at the edge. 3