Security Products Magazine Digital Edition - April 2016

April 2016

  • Data Tells All
  • Coming of Age
  • Protecting Client Assets
  • 360-degrees of Security
  • Lockdown!
  • Following the Code


Next Big Challenge

Next Big Challenge

IoT – Security. What are they talking about?

By Thorsten Held

Yes, the world has changed a lot over the last five years and now we’re facing the next big challenge: the Internet of Things (IoT), and how to get it right.

Data Tells All

Data Tells All

By Danny Piangerelli

The public has spoken. It is clear as day. Mobile is winning. People are increasingly using on-the-go applications in their everyday lives.

Following the Code

Following the Code

Code changes are an important part of access control or egress

By Lori Greene

There are seven basic code categories for electrified hardware used to control access or egress, and each has seen recent code changes.

Dovetailing Cybersecurity into an IoT World

Dovetailing Cybersecurity into an IoT World

Why an ecosystem approach is the way to go

By Vince Ricco

When it comes to cybersecurity the world falls into two camps: those focused on securing their hardware and applications as a closed system, and those who recognize that converging technologies calls for a more ecosystem-centric approach.

Coming of Age

Innovative new systems harness HD quality video to the power of Cellular, Wi-Fi, Microwave and Satellite networks for improved situation awareness and more proactive decision-making

By Eric Chang

Law enforcement, homeland security, surveillance, emergency response and military operations may span a range of operations, but they all share a crucial need for a detailed, real-time picture of rapidly changing events from various field locations.

Protecting Client Assets

Protecting Client Assets

Blending access control with video management brings terrific results

By Kim Rahfaldt

TelX helps companies build more agile businesses faster with reduced infrastructure complexity and broader reach to new markets.

360-Degrees of Security

360-Degrees of Security

For best asset protection, casinos find ways to gather intelligence and data

By Jumbi Edulbehram

As a camera views and records in 360 degrees, a circular, distorted image is produced, making it essential to process the image so that the human eye can comprehend the image easily.



Advances in technology have made wireless locks a sound investment

By Minu Youngkin

Wireless locks are increasingly becoming the solution of choice in commercial facilities worldwide.


Industry Focus

Going Behind the Scene

By Ralph C. Jensen

Passenger security can be a nightmare (Orlando, for example), but it’s nothing like the adventure your luggage will experience. In Quebec, luggage moves through six layers of security. One of the steps, if necessary, will be a manual search.

Industry Professional

Launching Security into the Cyber World

By Ralph C. Jensen

Putting the cyber security world into perspective, and in tandem with the physical security side, takes a little know-how, elbow grease and brain power.

Industry Vertical

Protecting the Goods

By Ralph C. Jensen

You already know you’re going to put some of that expensive security equipment outside in the elements. You also know how brutal the elements can be on sophisticated electronic solutions.

Dealer Strategies

Simplify the Complexity

Designing for the future with the power of choice

By Keven Marier

Customers looking to invest in a network- based physical security system have many more options than the traditional analog world used to provide.

Always Room for a Consultant

Always Room for a Consultant

By Ralph C. Jensen

In the security industry, a completed camera installation, active access control platform, and all its moving parts are nothing short of a work of art.

Covering All Bases

Ensuring recurring card and reader income while helping customers

By Scott Lindley

As any security dealer or integrator knows, there are two revenue results of making an access control sale: the proceeds from the original sale itself and the potential recurring revenue that can be wrought from the sale down the road.

Campus Security & Life Safety

Growing To New Heights

Growing To New Heights

New York integrator secures the tallest campus residential hall in the world and takes security to new heights

By Ralph C. Jensen

Business is booming in higher education, and campuses all around the country are stepping up to the challenge to enhance security.

Unique Challenges

Unique Challenges

560-acre downtown campus invests in unified security platform to heighten campus security over time

By Andrew Elvish

With almost 33,000 students and just under 5,000 academic and administrative staff, BYU takes its responsibility to provide a secure environment for students, staff and visitors very seriously.

Organizing a Team

Identity management systems are centralized within mobile platforms

By Brandon Arcment

Now that mobile identities can be carried on phones for physical security applications, they are merging with smart cards into centralized identity management systems.

Holding an Open Door

Putting a stop to propped doors

By Mark Crandall

A top tier university serving more than 40,000 students needed a cost effective way to improve the level of security at its non-card access controlled doors.

Smarter Surveillance

Smarter Surveillance

Driving demand for better video coverage at schools

By Brian Carle

School surveillance continues to be one of the most important markets for video surveillance, And with good reason.


New Products

  • 4K Video Decoder

    3xLOGIC’s VH-DECODER-4K is perfect for use in organizations of all sizes in diverse vertical sectors such as retail, leisure and hospitality, education and commercial premises. 3

  • ResponderLink


    Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), an company and a global leader in gunshot detection solutions, has introduced ResponderLink, a groundbreaking new 911 notification service for gunshot events. ResponderLink completes the circle from detection to 911 notification to first responder awareness, giving law enforcement enhanced situational intelligence they urgently need to save lives. Integrating SDS’s proven gunshot detection system with Noonlight’s SendPolice platform, ResponderLink is the first solution to automatically deliver real-time gunshot detection data to 911 call centers and first responders. When shots are detected, the 911 dispatching center, also known as the Public Safety Answering Point or PSAP, is contacted based on the gunfire location, enabling faster initiation of life-saving emergency protocols. 3

  • Camden CV-7600 High Security Card Readers

    Camden CV-7600 High Security Card Readers

    Camden Door Controls has relaunched its CV-7600 card readers in response to growing market demand for a more secure alternative to standard proximity credentials that can be easily cloned. CV-7600 readers support MIFARE DESFire EV1 & EV2 encryption technology credentials, making them virtually clone-proof and highly secure. 3